Interview with Maxim Lapierre

I had the great opportunity to exchange with Maxim Lapierre, former NHLer, about his journey in the European hockey leagues and his draft eligible teammate, Lukas Reichel. After playing more than 600 NHL games, mostly with Montreal, Vancouver and St. Louis, Lapierre is currently pursuing his career in Germany with the Berlin Eisbären. Et pour les francophones, voici la version originale en français: Q: How did you find your first … Read more

Anton Lundell: Skating

As the league continues only gets faster, we see a natural gravitation towards prospects who can skate at blazing speeds in the draft process. Last year’s first overall pick Jack Hughes is practically the defintion of dynamic. Offence generating players have already become the NHL’s norm and the general pace of play should only get faster as older players who debuted in different eras of hockey phase out and are … Read more

2020 WHL Draft First Round Recap: Part 1

Regina Pats – Connor Bedard As we all know by now, Connor Bedard was given exceptional status by Hockey Canada making him the first WHLer to receive it. With that being said, it was inevitable that the Regina Pats would take him first overall. After being selected by the Pats, Bedard became the first player from the West Warriors program to be selected first overall. Bedard graded extremely high in … Read more

Player Profile: Graysen Burzynski

NAME: Grayson Burzynski TEAM: Winnipeg Monarchs (MBAAA) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’2/202lbs POSITION: Defense HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 84TH SKATING: 3.25 SKILL: 3.25 SHOT: 3.75 SMARTS: 3.5 PHYSICAL: 4.25   A big mobile defenseman who posted 58 points this season from the back end, Grayson Burzynski has a huge frame and is a solid defender when playing within his limitations. He reminds our scouting crew physically of last year’s captain Jason Ruff (1st Round MJHL pick) but doesn’t … Read more

Player Profile: Scott Ratzlaff

NAME: Scott Ratzlaff TEAM: Lloydminster Bobcats (AMBHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’0/147lbs POSITION: Goalie HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 3RD ATHLETIC: 4 REFLEX: 4 POSITION: 4 SMARTS: 4 MOBILITY: 4   The AMBHL North Goalie of the year. In terms of aggressive netminding, Scott Ratzlaff is the definition of an aggressive high presence goalie. Ratzlaff’s technical abilities are so smoothed and polished, he makes the stops effortlessly. A competitive butterfly style goalie who likes to play the puck when the … Read more

Player Profile: Rylan Gould

NAME: Rylan Gould TEAM: Winnipeg Monarchs (MBAAA) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’7/152lbs POSITION: Center HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 57TH SKATING: 4 SKILL: 4 SHOT: 4 SMARTS: 4 PHYSICAL: 3.5   Rylan Gould was one of the top players coming out of Manitoba, he produced 86 points this past season and was fifth in league scoring. An excellent all-around player who plays both ends of the ice, shows offensive flashes and has a decent sized frame.  Continued to show … Read more

William Villeneuve could turn out to be one of the NHL Draft’s top blueliners

It is almost universally agreed upon in the NHL draft following that Jamie Drysdale is the top defenceman in the draft (and a candidate to go as high as third overall), but there’s more debate over which player will have the second best career. Jake Sanderson seems to have made himself the favourite with a push in quality of play over the second half of the season, and I would … Read more

Prospects from Drummondville

Drummondville started this 2019-20 season with an absolutely new core. No Veleno, Comtois, Joseph nor Beaudoin. They even traded Dawson Mercer to Chicoutimi at Christmas. Despite all that, the team still finished up the regular season with 74 points, which place them 6th in the QMJHL. An impressive outcome looking at how much rookies they had. Among these rookies, some might even be an interesting bet for the NHL Draft. … Read more

Player Profile: Matthew Wood

NAME: Matthew Wood TEAM: West Vancouver Warriors (CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’0/155lbs POSITION: Center HAND: Right DRAFT RANKINGS: 8TH SKATING: 3.75 SKILL: 4.75 SHOT: 4.5 SMARTS: 5 PHYSICAL: 4.5   In most game we saw this season, Matthew Wood had the biggest presence of all the West Van forwards including Grayden Slipec. Wood is a dynamic two-way player who has a similar kind of attacking strategy to Nate Danielson from last year. Fearless at … Read more

Player Profile: Kooper Gizowski

NAME: Kooper Gizowski TEAM: NAX Academy(CSSHL) HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’9/165lbs POSITION: Forward HAND: Left DRAFT RANKINGS: 16TH SKATING: 3.5 SKILL: 4.75 SHOT: 4.75 SMARTS: 4 PHYSICAL: 3.75   Last season Kooper Gizowski was noticeably one of the best 2005 players in the province of Alberta, and he still is up there, however the projected top ten pick is more likely now to fall outside the top 15. Kooper Gizowski is a dynamic one-dimensional offensive threat who can … Read more