2017 WHL Draft


This was our first season scouting the WHL, a bit of a learning curve so to say. The 2002 class in Western Canada may not have the notoriety of the 03’s or 01’s but there is still a lot of depth to this draft. Led by smaller dynamic forwards like Connor McClennon, Kyle Crnkovic, Ozzy Wiesblatt, Seth Jarvis, and Cole Shepard, this draft class will always bee regarded for the speed and skill it brought offensively. In the next couple of years this draft will prove to be better once more skilled defenders enter the league and more of the goalies begin to settle into the roles they were touted to take. Rankings based out of our 2017 WHL Draft Guide!


1.Connor McClennonPOE AcademyCSSBHLCenter5'7 156lbs
2.Kaiden GuhleOHA EdmontonCSSBHLDefense6'1 174lbs
3.Aiden De La GorgendiereYale LionsCSSBHLDefense6'0 175lbs
4.Jake NeighboursPOE AcademyCSSBHLForward5'10 195lbs
5.Ethan Bowen Yale LionsCSSBHLCenter6'0 155lbs
6.Vincent IorioShattuck Ste MaryUSHSDefense6'0 170lbs
7.Justin SourdifDelta WildCSSBHLCenter5'10 158lbs
8.Seth JarvisRHA NationalsCSSBHLRight Wing5'9 145lbs
9.Kyle CrnkovicPOE AcademyCSSBHLForawrd5'6 149lbs
10.Luke ProkopPOE AcademyCSSBHLDefense6'3 185lbs
11.John LittleShawnigan LakeCSSBHLCenter6'0 175lbs
12.Tanner BrownPOE AcademyCSSBHLDefense5'11 170lbs
13.Ryan HelliwellBWC BruinsBC-T1Defefnse6'0 175lbs
14.Ozzy WiesblattCalgary BisonAMBHLCenter5'8 164lbs
15.Cohner SaleskiSaskatoon StallionsSBAAHLCenter5'10 140lbs
16.Payton MountDelta WildCSSBHLForward5'9 175lbs
17.Cole ShepardDelta WildCSSBHLForward5'8 150lbs
18.Sebastian CossaFort Sask RangersAMBHLGoalie
19.Tyson PhareYale LionsCSSBHLCenter6'0 170lbs
20.Kaden KohleHumboldt BroncosSBAAHLForward6'2 175lbs
21.Josh Pillar Sask Valley VipersSBAAHLCenter5'10 145lbs
22.Joel SexsmithRHA NationalsCSSBHLDefense5'11 162lbs
23.Anson McMasterRocky Mountain RaidersAMBHLDefense6'4 173lbs
24.Ronan SeeleyRed Deer RebelsAMBHLDefense5'10 147lbs
25.Ridly GreigLethbridge GoldenhawksAMBHLCenter5'8 137lbs
26.Jordan BorysiukPOE AcademyCSSBHLWinger5'10 166lbs
27.Michael BenningSt. Albert SabresAMBHLDefense5'7 154lbs
28.Stanley CooleyNotre Dame HoundsCSSBHLCenter5'8 165lbs
29.Garin BjorklundCalgary BisonAMBHLGoalie
30.Braden PlaschewskyCalgary BisonAMBHLForward6'0 159lbs
31.Daemon HuntBrandon Wheat KingsWBAAADefense6'0 189lbs
32.Jalen LuypenOHA PentictonCSSBHLCenter5'9 145lbs
33.Ben KingPOE AcademyCSSBHLForward6'0 160lbs
34.Anthony KehrerRHA NationalsCSSBHLDefense6'0 180lbs
35.Dylan GarandDelta WildCSSBHLGoalie
36.Noah DanielsonRed Deer RebelsAMBHLCenter5'9 160lbs
37.Noah BoykoFort Sask RangersAMBHLForward5'11 164lbs
38.Ryan WatsonDelta WildCSSBHLDefense5'8 140lbs
39.Logan DowhaniukCamrose Red WingsAMBHLDefense5'10 172lbs
40.Peyton McKenzieOHA EdmontonCSSBHLForward5'7 167lbs
41.Jackson BerezowskiYorkton TerriersSBAAHLCenter5'8 155lbs
42.Ethan ErnstNotre Dame HoundsCSSBHLRight Wing5'10 155lbs
43.Ty ThorpeRHA NationalsCSSBHLCenter5'11 150lbs
44.Kyler KovichBWC BruinsBC-T1Right Wing6'0 165lbs
45.Kurtis SmytheDelta WildCSSBHLDefense5'11 158lbs
46.Tom CadieuxNotre Dame HoundsCSSBHLDefense6'0 155lbs
47.Trevor ThurstonDelta WildCSSBHLDefense6'0 156lbs
48.Ethan RowlandCalgary NorthstarsAMBHLCenter5'8 162lbs
49.Davin GriffinRegina MonarchsSBAAHLForward5'9 140lbs
50.Campbell ArnoldShawnigan LakeCSSBHLGoalie
51.Brody Gagno Yale LionsCSSBHLDefense5'11 165lbs
52.Nolan RitchieBrandon Wheat KingsWBAAACenter5'7 140lbs
53.Jace IsleyOHA EdmontonCSSBHLWinger5'11 175lbs
54.Davis FrankYale LionsCSSBHLWinger5'9 152lbs
55.Jacob BrookRHA NationalsCSSBHLRight Wing6'2 156lbs
56.Ryder KorczakYorkton TerriersSBAAHLCenter5'8 140lbs
57.Brett FoggHumboldt BroncosSBAAHLDefense5'11 145lbs
58.James BohnPOE AcademyCSSBHLDefense5'11 175lbs
59.Brendan KunySherwood Park FlyersAMBHLCenter5'10 160lbs
60.Andrei Proctor-RamirezYale LionsCSSBHLGoalie
61.Nic PorchettaDelta WildCSSBHLCenter5'8 147lbs
62.Krz PlummerPOE AcademyCSSBHLWinger6'0 195lbs
63.Alex ThackerFort Sask RangersAMBHLCenter5'8 155lbs
64.Jacob GendronPrince George CougarsBC-T1Defense6'0 165lbs
65.Kalen SzetoBWC BruinsBC-T1Winger5'5 140lbs
66.Raphael PelletierFort Sask RangersAMBHLForward5'9 136lbs
67.Carter SavoieSt. Albert SabresAMBHLWinger5'7 155lbs
68.Ethan HeinSaskatoon ManiacsSBAAHLGoalie
69.Zac RobinsWeyburn WingsSBAAHLDefense5'9 160lbs
70.Brayden ClarkPOE AcademyCSSBHLDefense5'10 170lbs
71.Kadyn ChabotLethbridge GoldenhawksAMBHLForward5'8 160lbs
72.Jackson Murphy-JohnsonBWC BruinsBC-T1Defense6'0 184lbs
73.Lukas BatemanThompson ZoneBC-T1Defense6'2 170lbs
74.Kaden ReindersGrande Prairie StormAMBHLDefense6'0 171lbs
75.Scout TrumanLethbridge GoldenhawksAMBHLCenter5'6 137lbs
76.Jake PooleYellowhead ChiefWBAAAForward6'0 175lbs
77.Reed JacobsonSwift Current BroncosSBAAHLCenter5'7 142lbs
78.Talyn BoykoPOE AcademyCSSBHLGoalie
79.Bode HaganOHA EdmontonCSSBHLCenter5'6 156lbs
80.Drew EnglotNotre Dame HoundsCSSBHLRight Wing6'2 165lbs
81.Jack FinleyPOE AcademyCSSBHLCenter6'3 178lbs
82.Cameron MacDonaldYale LionsCSSBHLWinger5'9 155lbs
83.Cole DubinskyOHA EdmontonCSSBHLForward5'7 148lbs
84.Tyrel BauerAirdrie XtremeAMBHLDefense6'1 189lbs
85.Sheldon KwiatkowskiGrande Prairie StormAMBHLCenter6'0 161lbs
86.Austin SpiridakisSt. Albert SabresAMBHLRight Wing5'9 173lbs
87.Brett MeermanRed Deer RebelsAMBHLCenter5'9 155lbs
88.Owen PedersonOHA EdmontonCSSBHLForward6'0 154lbs
89.James FormSaskatoon OutlawsSBAAHLCenter5'11 150lbs
90.Blake Lyda Edmonton CACAMBHLGoalie
91.Tyler HorstmannDelta WildCSSBHLLeft Wing5'10 151lbs
92.Jack ZayatCalgary BisonAMBHLDefense5'9 161lbs
93.Jarrod SemchukThomson ZoneBC-T1Right Wing6'1 165lbs
94.Chase DafoeOHA PentictonCSSBHLCenter5'10 150lbs
95.Reece RichmondYellowhead ChiefsWBAAAForward5'11 175lbs
96.Brendan KirschnerThompson ZoneBC-T1Defense6'0 170lbs
97.Michael HoekstraSaanichBC-T1Forward6'0 155lbs
98.Gabe ShipleyDelta WildCSSBHLDefense6'1 163lbs
99.Massen ZiolaYorkton TerriersSBAAHLLeft Wing5'7 125lbs
100.Zack FeaverYale LionsCSSBHLForward5'10 168lbs