WHL Draft Q + A: Benjamin Thornton

Name: Benjamin Thornton

Team: Yale Lions (CSSHL)

Position: Winger

Height/Weight: 6’0 150lbs

Hand: Left



1) Introduce yourself, describe yourself as a person and player.
My name is Ben Thornton I am a left winger with the Yale Bantam Prep team in the CSSHL.  As a player I like to set my teammates up for opportunities, I like to be on the power play, I like to be a leader in the group.  I am hard working and always try my hardest every shift.  As a person I am a good friend, and will always be there if you need me.
2) What is your favourite Memory from hockey?
Peewee 2nd year my team only lost 4 games in total all year, we also won every tournament and we won B.C. Provincials.
3) Playing with the Yale Lions last season, how was playing with older players last year helped your game and who are some of the players who helped you most as a person/player?
It was a great opportunity I learned that every team and player in the league are very strong!  It was also great to play at such a high level and learn what its like to play in an elite league with elite players.  It was also great to have ice and dry land everyday so that I can improve on my strength and on my game.
4) Growing up who were some of the people/players you idolized?
Some of the people that I idolized when I was growing up was steven stamkos he is such a good puck handler, amazing speed and shot. 
Jake Chiasson was a guy that I looked up to.  I’ve been playing with him for a long time and he really showed me whats its like to be a leader and work hard every day!
5) What are parts of your game you focus on developing?
I’m trying to focus on a quicker release on my shot and faster skating (first 2-3 strides).  I am a big player (6’1”) and I am learning to use my size to my advantage along the walls, in traffic and in front of the net.
6) This season is your WHL Draft year, what are some of the things you are looking forward to taking away from this experience?
I would love to hear my name get called in the WHL Draft.  The WHL is such a great league like that and I’m looking forward to see how I can take my game
to another level.  My focus right now is to continue to develop my game and play the right way, be a good teammate and everything else will take care of itself.  Winning with my Yale teammates is my number one goal every day.