WHL Draft Q + A: Tanner Scott

Name: Tanner Scott

Team: OHA Edmonton (CSSHL)

Position: Center

Height/Weight: 5’8 134lbs

Hand: Left




1)      Introduce yourself, describe yourself as a player and person.

I pride myself on my work ethic, team play, and character.   I believe in being kind to people.  Friends and family are very important to me.   My biggest asset is my speed and skill as a player and I try to always play a 200 foot game.   

2) Who were some of the people/player you idolize to this point?

I really idolize Alex Ovechkin. I love his passion for the game and his ability to score. 

3)      What is the type of player you would like to become?

I would like to become the best 200 foot player that I can be. I would like to be the player my coaches trust on the ice in any situation. 

4)      You moved over to OHA Edmonton this year, how has that experience been for you so far?

Its been great.  It’s a different environment for sure.  I like the fact we are done every day by 5:00pm so our nights are free to focus on school and get proper rest.   I also like that many of the top players are in this league. I am excited to play against players from all over Western Canada.

5)      You developed a lot over the course of your rookie season, what would you contribute those improvements to? Whether it be off ice commitments/maturity/on ice awareness/or people around you.

 Playing Spring hockey at an elite level has helped me play better, faster, and stronger.   Every game is intense and requires effort and focus that I have carried over to my OHA team this year.

I also have done a lot of off ice training to help with my strength and conditioning. I try to take care of myself by getting lots of sleep and trying to eat well. 

6)      What are you looking to take away from this season?

Looking to learn as much as I can from coach Biss.  There are always opportunities to improve and I am excited to see where I am after this season.  I am off to a great start in terms of production and I want to be in the mix for this years draft.   But the most important thing is to to continue to learn and improve in all areas of my game.