WHL Draft Q + A: Grayden Siepmann

Name: Grayden Siepmann

Team: Yale Lions (CSSHL)

Position: Defence

Height/Weight: 5’9 160lbs

Hand: Right


1)      Introduce yourself, describe yourself as a player and person.

 My name is Grayden Siepmann. I am a defenseman in the CSSHL for the Yale Hockey Academy Bantam Prep team. As a defenseman I like to have the puck on my stick and try and make good passes and move the puck up the ice quickly. I love to be up in the offensive play and join the rushes. I also like to play on both special teams. I’m calm and thrive under pressure. As a person I am a good friend and teammate and will lead by example. I’m excited to have a good team this year and we are hoping to have success in all the tournaments and league play.

2)      Who were some of the people/player you idolize to this point?  

Some of the people that I idolized when I was growing up and still do are Erik Karlsson and Kris Letang. Karlsson is such an amazing skater and is very patient and smart with the puck, also likes to be up in the play and join the rushes. Letang is a very good player, he has a great shot from the point and makes good passes, also likes to run plays up top. Another younger player I try to model my game after is Bowen Byram of the Vancouver Giants.

3)      What would you say is your biggest asset, whether it be an on-ice asset or an off-ice asset that you value most?

My biggest asset is my skating and ability to make the right pass. I try not to force pucks and not to make mistakes or bad plays. I try to be a good person in life and I’m easy going.

4)      How did playing with some first rounder’s last year, like Sward and Bentham, help your game?

They both taught me a lot. They both did so many things well from compete level, to skating, to giving 110% at practice. Sward and Bentham were both great under pressure and rarely made a mistake. They were both great teammates and leaders on the ice and in the room. They also showed me how to work hard in the gym. 

5)      What are you hoping to learn this year, with a new coach, what do you want him to teach you?

This year with my new coach, Brad Bowen I am hoping to learn his play style and pace. Brad and Erin Thornton demand a high compete level and perfection. Brad and Erin are teaching me about every aspect of the game from pre-game preparation, PP, PK, game strategy to speed and persistence, paying attention to details of the game and teaching me how to be a good assistant captain.

6)      With regards to players in your same age group (2004), who are some of the ones you respect most for their talent or off ice character?

I would say that Keaton Dowhaniuk and Bowden Singleton are two of the toughest players to play against. Keaton is a good skating defenseman and an excellent playmaker and passer, he is also very patient and rarely makes a mistake. He’ll also destroy you in the corners if the game gets heavy. Singleton is a very fast pace player, has lots of skill and a good shot, also has a good hockey IQ. Bowden is also a good goal scorer and playmaker.  They are both great guys off the ice as well.