WHL Draft Q + A: Jordan Gustafson

Photo source: Fort Sask Online

Name: Jordan Gustafson

Team: Fort Sask Rangers (AMBHL)

Position: Forward

Height/Weight: 5’10 150lbs

Hand: Left

1)      Introduce yourself, describe yourself as a player and person.

My name is Jordan Gustafson and I play for the Bantam AAA Rangers in Fort Saskatchewan.  As a hockey player I am fast and hard working.  I am an excellent passer and playmaker.  I try to be a 200 foot player.  As a person I am quiet and calm.  I am steady.  I work hard in school to keep my honors standing.  I live on an acreage that is part of the original farm that has been in my family for three generations.  I help my Granny to maintain her land when I can.  We have chickens and I have to help out with yard work.   

2)      Who were some of the people/player you idolize to this point?  

I idolize Connor McDavid for his playmaking skills and his speed.  Also, his ability to handle the pressure that Edmonton fans and team put on him.  He is always calm and really thinks about what he says in the media and that is a skill of itself.  I also idolize my Grandpa.  He is the hardest worker I know and the kind of person I want to grow up to be.  I also really respect my coaches.  They are fun and hard- working and show a lot of dedication. 

3)      What type of player are you looking to become?

I want to be an impact player in the NHL.  I would like to be known as a hard worker that relentlessly pursues the puck. 

4) How have older players (Your Brother, 2002’s or 2003’s you have played alongside) helped you get ready for your WHL Draft season?

My entire life I have been able to skate with older kids on the ODR as well as on our dugout.  I played underage in both Tom Thumb and Novice with my brother.  My brother is a skilled defenseman and all of his friends are good hockey players so my time with them has been amazing.  On our dugout my brother and I spend hours 1 v 1.  Sometimes we get aggressive and someone ends up in the snowbank.  Having an older brother close in age makes you tougher and faster.  When my brother started hockey I was only two.  I was so mad that he got to play and I did not.  The following year I was granted an exemption to start early as everyone could see how badly I wanted to try.  I was the only 3 year old playing on a team.  My brother was drafted to the Red Deer Rebels last year and watching him through the process has made me a lot more relaxed about it.  We understand how the process works and can be patient with it.  For spring hockey I started out on the 2003 NAS Capitals many of whom were drafted high last year.  In Fort Saskatchewan as a Peewee AA player I was able to affiliate to the Bantam AAA team who went on to win provincials.  This was a fantastic opportunity and I worked really hard to earn ice time there.  I got a sneak peak at the effort level required.  

5) Who are some of the hardest players you have had to play against to this point in your hockey career?

I have played with and against Matty Savoie and respect him as a player and a person.  In Winnipeg I played against Shane Wright and he is also a force.  Justin Maric is a player that I have played with every spring.  Shooting on him in practice has made me a better player and he is a great guy. 

6) What are some things that people don’t know about you? (Academically/Athletically)

I was Male Athlete of the year last year for my school.  All through junior high played Volleyball, Basketball (school and club), Badminton, handball, Track team and Cross Country team.  I hold a school record in 800 m and 1500 m and 800 m.  I am a really aggressive downhill skier and enjoy the most difficult runs that I can find at the fastest speed possible. 

I am in the Grade 10 Honors class at my school and am taking some grade 11 courses next semester.  I have really strong morals and values.  I am committed to hockey first.  Most of my team mates call me Joe instead of Jordan.