Player of the Month: November – Koehn Ziemmer

WHL Draft Player of the Month November: Koehn Ziemmer (OHA Edmonton)

During the month of November Ziemmer helped his OHA Edmonton team to a 3-1 record in bantam prep regular season play, where Ziemmer registered 14 points in the four games. OHA Edmonton also took home the Championship at the recent NWCAA Flames tournament in November, Ziemmer led the tournament in points with 19 (Next best was 11) and goals with 12 (Next best was 6). Ziemmer currently sits second on our DraftGeek WHL Draft rankings in the month of December and has been on the upward trend since the start of the season.

Ziemmer is an elite scoring forward who is a catalyst for efficient offensive plays with the puck. Ziemmer carries the puck with composure and poise allowing him to adjust to different defensive adjustments exploit space given to him. Offensively focused, Ziemmer has elite skills with the puck and creates offense off the rush with spectacular vision and agility. Developed multi-faceted scoring tools as he can find the back of the net in every which way possible, becoming a threat from everywhere with the puck. Able to get a fluid release and control with awareness in tight quarters. Relies on his instincts with the puck, he’s very reactive and fluid making him hard to force off the puck. Starting to work on his two-way game more, seen on one of his team’s penalty killing unit’s at the Flames tournament. A late birthday with good physical tools at this age.

With the Alberta U16’s being announced a couple of weeks ago. I feel Ziemmer is one of the only players in this class (Aside from Savoie) who could have cracked that roster. 

Honorable Mentions: Jake Sloan (Leduc Oil Kings), Henry Smith (Delta Green), Spencer Penner (Eastman Selects), Lleyton Feist (North Zone), Justen Maric (OHA Edmonton), Tye Spencer (Saskatoon Maniacs)


Past Winners:

October – Connor Levis (St. Georges/CSSHL)