Prospect Profile: Layton Feist

Name: Layton Feist Team: North Zone Kings (BC-T1)  Position: Defense Hometown: British Columbia Height/Weight: 5’9 160lbs Hand: Right WHL Draft:  DraftGeek Rank: 71   Areas of Strength Puck Instincts Footwork Set Up Playmaking  Areas of Weakness Small Defensive Physicality Length of Stride Report: Arguably one of the smartest defenders coming out of British Columbia in this year’s draft, Feist’s ability to manage the play from the back end and constantly … Read more

Prospect Profile: Rylan Roersma

Name: Rylan Roersma Team: Lethbridge Goldenhawks (AMBHL) Position: Center Hometown: Lethbridge, Alberta Height/Weight: 5’10 160lbs Hand: Left WHL Draft:  DraftGeek Rank: 18   Areas of Strength Speed Versatility Quick Processor Areas of Weakness Offensive End Structure Size Report: Roersma was the captain for this year’s Lethbridge Golden Hawks team, he missed some time this season with a wrist injury in playoffs and his attendance at the Alberta Cup was questionable … Read more

Prospect Profile: Benjamin Thornton

Name: Benjamin Thornton Team: Yale Lions (CSSHL) Position: Forward Hometown: Richmond, British Columbia Height/Weight: 6’2 160lbs Hand: Left WHL Draft:  DraftGeek Rank: 32   Areas of Strength Offensive Positioning Sneaky Projectable Areas of Weakness Power Thin Defensive Positioning Report: Played his rookie season with the Yale Lions and returned this past season to produced 45 points over 30 regular season games. Thornton spent a majority of the season playing alongside … Read more

Prospect Profile: Mathew Ward

Name: Mathew Ward Team: Delta Green (CSSHL) Position: Forward Hometown: Richmond, British Columbia Height/Weight: 5’7 136lbs Hand: Left WHL Draft:  DraftGeek Rank: 13   Areas of Strength High End Playmaking Puck Possession Agility Areas of Weakness Size Shooting Abilities Physical Play Report: Mathew Ward elevated his game and earned his place in our first round rankings with a strong second half of the season. After leading the John Reid Memorial … Read more

Prospect Profile: Grayden Siepmann

Name: Grayden Siepmann Team: Yale Lions (CSSHL) Position: Defense Hometown: Abbotsford, British Columbia Height/Weight: 5’10 167lbs Hand: Right WHL Draft:  DraftGeek Rank: 15   Areas of Strength Offensive Mobility Puck Sense Blue Line Abilities Areas of Weakness Defensive Structure Physical Play Awareness Consistency Defensively Report: The Yale Lions defenseman posted a point per game average through both the regular season and playoffs. Grayden Siepmann is a name that Western Canadian … Read more

Prospect Profile: Oasiz Wiesblatt

Name: Oasiz Wiesblatt Team: Calgary Bison (AMBHL) Position: Forward Hometown: Calgary, Alberta Height/Weight: 5’5 145lbs Hand: Left WHL Draft:  DraftGeek Rank: 14   Areas of Strength Shiftiness Craftiness Playmaking through Traffic Areas of Weakness Slowing Down Game Height Distributing in Transition Report: Brother of Orca/Ocean/Ozzy Wiesblatt, Oasiz will be looking to follow in his Ozzy’s footsteps and play in the WHL at the age of 16. Oasiz posted 55 points … Read more

Prospect Profile: Denton Mateychuk

Name: Denton Mateychuk Team: Eastman Selects (WPG-AAA) Position: Left Defense Hometown: Eastman, Manitoba Height/Weight: 5’10 165lbs Hand: Left WHL Draft:  DraftGeek Rank: 8   Areas of Strength Puck Distributing Defensive Physicality Puck Possession Areas of Weakness Extend Stride Consistency Activation Decision Report: Mateychuk’s game is much different than any other defenseman in the draft, the purest puck distributor in the draft. Mateychuk posted the most points by a true defenseman … Read more

Prospect Profile: Kevin Korchinski

Name: Kevin Korchinski Team: Saskatoon Generals (SBAAHL) Position: Defense Hometown: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Height/Weight: 5’9 139lbs Hand: Right WHL Draft: Seattle – 10th Overall DraftGeek Rank: 39   Areas of Strength  Puck Moving Skill Set Mobility Areas of Weakness Skating Consistency Slight Report: Regarded by many as the top defenseman coming out Saskatchewan, largely thanks to the fact that he’s skillset from the back end is superior over anyone else in … Read more

Prospect Profile: Brandon Lisowsky

Name: Brandon Lisowsky Team: BWC Academy (CSSHL) Position: Forward Hometown: Port Coquitlam, British Columbia Height/Weight: 5’7 160lbs Hand: Left WHL Draft:  DraftGeek Rank: 6   Areas of Strength Shooting Abilities Explosive Footwork Scoring Instincts Areas of Weakness Teammate Utilization Height Efficiency Report: The offensive leader for the Burnaby Winter Club Academy Bantam Preps, Lisowsky finished fourth in Bantam Prep league scoring with 32 goals and we would guess he also … Read more

Prospect Profile: Jordan Gustafson

Name: Jordan Gustafson Team: Fort Sask Position: Forward Hometown: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta Height/Weight: 5’10 179lbs Hand: Left WHL Draft:  DraftGeek Rank: 9   Areas of Strength Intangibles Assets Two-Way Speed One-Time Release Areas of Weakness Offensive Drive Individualism Assertiveness Report: Leading the Fort Saskatchewan Rangers to an AMBHL championship this past season Gustafson is a leader, a winner, and a player with exceptional off ice intangibles that teams drool at … Read more