Prospect Profile: Bowden Singleton

Name: Bowden Singleton 

Team: NAX Academy (CSSHL)

Position: Forward

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

Height/Weight: 5’7 150lbs

Hand: Left

WHL Draft: 

DraftGeek Rank: 10


Areas of Strength

  • Elite Shooting Abilities 
  • Dexterity
  • Deception

Areas of Weakness

  • Pace
  • Size
  • Consistency 

Report: Singleton elevated his game over the second half of the season. He came into NAX expected to carry the load offensively, something that he did not have to do with the Calgary Bisons in his first bantam season, it took some time for him to adjust to the fact that the puck was always going to be on his stick and he needed to not only create chances for himself but also for others. Singleton is a natural goal scorer, he’s got an elite shooting abilities and skilled offensive attack. A diminutive player that is strong on his feet, capable of controlling the puck along the perimeter and fending off contact pressure. Singleton likes to slow down the pace of the game and attack at his speed, he’s got lightning quick agility but only uses it when pressure is force on his and not when he forces himself to use it. Uber-skilled Singletons lightning quick hands and craftiness allow him to maneuver around defenseman with ease. Controls the puck with grace and elegance, as the year progressed Singleton started to simplify his offensive attack. Finding open space in the offensive end and fire at will from where ever, disciplining the creativity to his game and relying on his shot more often. Singleton has a drag-pull release where he slightly adjusts the angle of his shot and gets it off quickly, able to receive the pass and fire a shot off in one fluid motion. Hits his spot on the net with pin point accuracy and WHL velocity. At the start of the season Singleton would miss the net a lot with his shots just because he would aim high and fire it over the net, he fixed that later on in the year and began aiming his shots at goaltender’s weaknesses. With elite dexterity, deception and release all blended together it’s hard to anticipate when Singleton will shoot or if he will shoot. He began to utilize his team mates more often as the year progressed, setting up chances with saucer passes and showcasing the high end vision to his game. Vocal before the face offs, showing his understanding offensively and facilitating where he wants everyone positioned. Possesses prowess not only in his finishing but also at the dot. Unlike Brandon Lisowsky, Singleton utilizes his team mates more often is his shooting is way more efficient. He doesn’t drive up the tempo of the game like Lisowsky or attack one on one, instead he drags defenders back and shoots with the space given to him. Singleton’s hockey sense and understanding of the game is impressive as you can see him constantly computing the game and has the reflex instincts to fire a shot on net if he’s under too much pressure. A pure goal scorer who will excel in a complimentary role with a gifted playmaker.