Prospect Profile: Brandon Lisowsky

Name: Brandon Lisowsky

Team: BWC Academy (CSSHL)

Position: Forward

Hometown: Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

Height/Weight: 5’7 160lbs

Hand: Left

WHL Draft: 

DraftGeek Rank: 6


Areas of Strength

  • Shooting Abilities
  • Explosive Footwork
  • Scoring Instincts

Areas of Weakness

  • Teammate Utilization
  • Height
  • Efficiency

Report: The offensive leader for the Burnaby Winter Club Academy Bantam Preps, Lisowsky finished fourth in Bantam Prep league scoring with 32 goals and we would guess he also had the most shots on goal in the league. Lisowsky is a shooting center who blends clever puck handling with high pressure speed into an assertive offensive forward. Lisowsky gets more shots off than anyone else in the draft, releasing pucks from behind the ringette line where he scored more goals from that distance than anyone else in the draft. Lisowsky has the rare ability to both finish and create offensive chances. Adjusting his offensive strategy over the blue line and keeping his attacking style unpredictable. Lisowsky’s shot is already WHL quality, its loaded with a quick fluid release and hits his spot from with pin point accuracy and power. Lisowsky’s natural compact package, keeping his feet tight to his body and puck close to his frame allows him to quick adjust his shooting angle at top speed. Disrupting goalies timing and often shooting through defender’s legs in order to develop a natural screen. Leads his shots with a quick two stick handles before firing it on net. A powerful skating stride along with quick four-way footwork, Lisowsky hones separation speed and quickly read’s the neutral zone and jumps in and out of skating lanes. Plays with loads of offensive flare and creativity, Lisowsky loves to shoot the puck but will make defenders look silly with a creative spin-moves or stick handles through there sticks. Given how short he is but how strong his lower body is, Lisowsky’s heaviness on the puck lets him drive the net. Blessed with natural intelligence for the game, Lisowsky understanding of how to exploit defenders one on one and read developing scoring chances both in and out of possession make him a prototypical scorer in today’s hockey world. See’s the flow of the game and processes what’s developing around him so fluidly, he will often set up fake shots and drag defenders out of position before firing a heavy pass to an open target. Likes to roll off the cycle over the ringette line and locate a shooting lane from high in the offensive end. He’s an uber competitive player who always wants the puck on his stick. Isn’t an overly urgent defender but when he chooses to back check hard, he’s sneaks behind puck carriers and stick checks turnovers off the players stick. Lisowsky explosiveness and elite skill are near impossible to contain on the rush at this level. He fires close to 15 shots a game, without exaggeration and will score on 1-2 of those. May need to become more discipline with the puck but his shots never hit shins or sticks and put his team in trouble defensively, so what he chooses to do with the puck is efficient and effective.