Prospect Profile: Connor Gourley

Name: Connor Gourley

Team: Calgary Bisons (AMBHL)

Position: Forward

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

Height/Weight: 6’1 155lbs

Hand: Left

WHL Draft: 

DraftGeek Rank: 24


Areas of Strength

  • Instincts Out of Possession
  • Explosiveness
  • Power Game

Areas of Weakness

  • Consistency
  • Discipline
  • Playmaking Abilities

Report: Connor Gourley led the AMBHL in scoring this past season with 75 points during the regular season. Gourley is a big strong power winger that has a combination of explosive skating, high level shooting abilities, and intuitive hockey sense. Gourley’s skating is superior to other power wingers, his stride is long and powerful covering a tonne of ice quickly and efficiently, separating in foot races and allows him to create spacing from the defenseman covering him. A streaking player who likes to drive the net with his stick on the ice, Gourley is willing to bang pucks home from dirty area’s and earn his goals. Blends his high end speed with beautiful execution on a shot in stride, attacking down the right side and beating goalies just over the pad with a powerful and accurate wrist shot. Gourley plays with a physical edge as well, some games this year he would just focus on imposing himself physically and landing big checks on players. Tenacious to get involved in puck battles, gaining inside position and shielding the puck up the wall before attacking the slot and letting go of a powerful wrist shot. Gourley’s controlling of the puck, moving it from the right and left side of his body quickly allows him to handle the puck along the wall in his defensive end and adjust his passing angle depending on where the pressure is coming from. Gourley is competitive, he believes in his abilities and ooze’s confidence at every moment he is on the ice, plays with loads of intensity. Although he has the polished physical tools, Gourley is also incredibly smart as well and reads the offensive end of the game well. Always has his head engaged, with and without the puck. Constantly moving his feet in the offensive zone, sneaking behind coverage and setting himself up in a position to shoot. Superb instincts to recognize an open lane and drive his way through it with convenient timing to receive pass. He knows what he needs to do offensively to score, locates space for himself without the puck, and seems to always be in the right place at the right time. Has the ability to see what’s developing and get himself involved. Gourley’s polish and speed make us believe he could enter the league at the young age of 16.