Prospect Profile: Denton Mateychuk

Name: Denton Mateychuk

Team: Eastman Selects (WPG-AAA)

Position: Left Defense

Hometown: Eastman, Manitoba

Height/Weight: 5’10 165lbs

Hand: Left

WHL Draft: 

DraftGeek Rank: 8


Areas of Strength

  • Puck Distributing
  • Defensive Physicality
  • Puck Possession

Areas of Weakness

  • Extend Stride
  • Consistency
  • Activation Decision

Report: Mateychuk’s game is much different than any other defenseman in the draft, the purest puck distributor in the draft. Mateychuk posted the most points by a true defenseman in the Winnipeg Bantam AAA league since Calen Addison. Mateychuk is a tenacious puck moving defenseman that oozes skill and smarts on the back end. For a lot of players, it can take a shift or two to really dial in but Mateychuk is engaged from the drop of the puck. An explosive skater, whose first three strides draw similarities to Hudson Thornton last year, and a powerful long stride. Mateychuk’s game flourishes in the transitional aspects of the game, his control of the game is often attributed to his ability to anticipate the play and explode into an area to cut it off. He’s a puck possessive force on the back end, loves to pinch and stop break out passes. Defensively he’s always tight to the play, keeping an active stick out and contains with a high pressure defensive mindset and putting himself between the net and puck. Defends the rush exceptionally well because of this and his fundamental skating tools. The money to Denton’s game is his ability to move the puck with both footwork and passes. Cerebral mindset when moving the puck on the break out or in transition, he’s able to quickly process the game and see’s the ice at an elite level. Connecting with stretch passes in transition effortlessly as he anticipates where to put the puck and leads his target. His footwork is that of a WHL player, he’s able to cover ice quickly and make quick adjustments to his lane of attack thanks to the cerebrals to his movement and lateral footwork.. Escapes pressure effortlessly. Rarely puck rushes to create a shot, often adjusting the pace of the game to open up a pass or get a puck behind defenseman. Picks his spots when to involve himself in the rush and jump up. Mateychuk’s possesses a heavy shot, aimed at the bottom half of the net for efficiency, but needs some space to get it off. Overall Mateychuk is one of those rare fleet footed defenseman that you see come up once every couple of years in the draft. Efficiency is the key attribute to his game along with the high compete. His puck moving abilities are versatile and because of that he will have a lot of success at the next level along with the cerebral nature to his game. Mateychuk has power play defenseman written all over him as he can facilitate his team’s offensive on the blue line along and with a late birthday, there’s a lot of pro-qualities to his game.