Prospect Profile: Grayden Siepmann

Name: Grayden Siepmann

Team: Yale Lions (CSSHL)

Position: Defense

Hometown: Abbotsford, British Columbia

Height/Weight: 5’10 167lbs

Hand: Right

WHL Draft: 

DraftGeek Rank: 15


Areas of Strength

  • Offensive Mobility
  • Puck Sense
  • Blue Line Abilities

Areas of Weakness

  • Defensive Structure
  • Physical Play
  • Awareness Consistency Defensively

Report: The Yale Lions defenseman posted a point per game average through both the regular season and playoffs. Grayden Siepmann is a name that Western Canadian Scouts have known for a long time now, he played in the Bantam Prep division as a 13-year-old last year on one of the top teams and expectations on his play were high coming into the season. A cunning and cerebral defenseman with gifted natural tools, Siepmann is a graceful skater who uses outstanding footwork and edgework to control the play in all three zones. Build with a compact and scrawny physique, Siepmann’s use of his thin frame allows him to slip through tight seems. A very intuitive offensive approach that starts all the way back in his own end, proactively surveying the neutral zone before retrieving the puck and deciding on whether or not he should work the puck up ice with his feet or pass. While he does both at an elite level, he’s a stronger puck rusher than passer as his awareness with the puck allows him to effectively gain clean zone exits/entries at a high rate. Executes very well in motion, adjusting his route/angle to evade defenders. Remains calm and poise in all situations. Siepmann’s offensive game is fluid and highly intelligent, using a strategic approach in the offensive zone to set up his team mates in position to score. Deceiving the opposition on the blue line with quick route/head fakes and working the into open ice, creating many different passing/shooting options in the process that assesses and executes on. Ridiculously smart to proactively get his feet moving, knowing what doing such will open up, and hitting his target with firm passes. Dictates the play in the offense end with engagement. His rapid change of direction allows him to manage pressure with the puck and exploit holes in coverage. Performs well in motion with strong walk-the-line abilities with his head up and adjusting with his four-way mobility. Siepmann’s offense from the blue line is a large reason he was a staple on his team’s top power play unit, quarterbacking such and having the entire scheme work through his stick. Looks to jump up off the blue line or activate in the rush, using his smooth skating to natural get up ice and trailing the play providing an easy option for the puck carrier to pass to. Escapablity in corners both on the blue line and in his defensive end, capable of evading pressure by chipping pucks off the wall back to his stick and continuing his movement up ice. Maintains strong spacing from his defensive partner, to support him if he is in trouble while also being far enough to give himself time and space to receive-and-go up ice. Defensively Siepmann relies on his ability to anticipate what’s going to happen. Defending the rush with a wide stance and an active stick, Siepmann with swiftly jump up on passes or loose pucks in the neutral zone. Intelligently angles players out along the wall, avoids physical play instead grabs the puck off the stick and regroups deep in his defensive end. Engaged defender who relies on his quick feet to make plays in his defensive end, always focused on regaining the puck and fast-breaking it up ice. Siepmann seemingly knows where the puck is/where it’s going to go/how to get there before anyone else on the ice is able to pick up on such. Overall a team is getting a real under developed defenseman physically who constantly makes a difference on the ice, his offensive tools are that of a potential 40+ point defenseman. Precise passing and timing on both his forehand and backhand, I’d say Siepmann’s ceiling is that of Matthew Robertson from the Edmonton Oil Kings.