Prospect Profile: Jason Spizawka

Name: Jason Spizawka

Team: Yale Lions (CSSHL)

Position: Defense

Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia

Height/Weight: 5’11 165lbs

Hand: Left

WHL Draft: 

DraftGeek Rank: 20


Areas of Strength

  • Physicality Defensively
  • Athleticism
  • Distributing in Transition

Areas of Weakness

  • Offensive Blue Line Attack
  • Consistency
  • Puck Rushing

Report: Throughout the year the talks between teammates Grayden Siepmann and Jason Spizawka about who might go first were common at Yale Lions games. Jason’s twin brother Ryan is also expected to be a selected player on draft day. For us, Jason wasn’t someone we pinned as a first rounder until the BC Cup in April. An event that saw all the top BC players, Jason Spizawka may have had the best showing of all defenseman there. Spizawka is an athletic two-way defenseman with an assertive physical defensive game. An imposing player who relies on his naturally physical abilities to make an impact in all three zones. A physical force in his defensive end, crushing guys along the wall consistently and out muscling smaller opposition in one on one puck battles. Dependable defensive zone positioning, spotting himself in front of the net and forcing away any net front presence from having any success. An active communicator in his defensive end who has a general understand of what needs to happen and how to get it done and exhibits that by telling his team mates where to cover when adjustments are made. Spizawka has a great sense for the game in his own end, largely thanks to how engaged he is and how heady he is. Does a better job of transitioning the puck with firm stretch passes than transporting with his feet but’s he capable of reaching the red-and-deep, strong on his feet with projectable mechanics make him tough to knock off the puck when in possession. Proactively getting his feet going up ice when receiving passes from his defensive partner, quickening up the time it takes to get the puck up to the forward. Holds better puck control on his forehand rather than on his backhand. Spizawka plays a structured game in the offensive zone, a bit conservative where he won’t active off the blue line but his walk-the-line abilities are fluid. Cutting off any rims up the wall on his forehand side proactively getting his feet going in that direction. Fire pucks on net on his forehand with great precision and with an effort of having it hit a stick on its way to the net. Spizawka’s intangible traits are also that of a first round puck, not only is he a smart versatile player but he’s a leader in his defensive end, his situational awareness and structured game make him a player you want on the ice when your team is holding onto a one goal lead. Shows a lot of polish and promise as a guy who we think will be first round pick.