Prospect Profile: Kevin Korchinski

Name: Kevin Korchinski

Team: Saskatoon Generals (SBAAHL)

Position: Defense

Hometown: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Height/Weight: 5’9 139lbs

Hand: Right

WHL Draft: Seattle – 10th Overall

DraftGeek Rank: 39


Areas of Strength 

  • Puck Moving
  • Skill Set
  • Mobility

Areas of Weakness

  • Skating
  • Consistency
  • Slight

Report: Regarded by many as the top defenseman coming out Saskatchewan, largely thanks to the fact that he’s skillset from the back end is superior over anyone else in the province. Korchinski is a bit of an awkward skater, leading with his head and driving up the pace of the game once the puck touches his stick. Dynamic footwork, always has his feet moving in possession, tough to contain as he’s able to regroup the puck quickly and create different passing angles in transition that he executes on with leading passes. Korchinski’s ability to hit stretch passes is better than anyone in the draft except Denton Mateychuk, he’s capable of reading the timing of his target and getting it into a spot where the targets speed won’t be sacrificed. When feeling pressure with the puck he will often curl back end reset, or utilize his defensive partner. His passes are heavy and flat, not backed with speed but executed with a soft touch that is easy to receive and he adjusts the power behind it depending on the situations. Reads the neutral zone extremely well, not only is he able to transition the puck with his passes but also capable of doing so with his feet. Possessing unique power play quarterbacking abilities, Korchinski’s a set-up man on the blue line. Targeting his shots towards stick and actively walking the line for different passing/shooting lanes. Proactively has his feet going when receiving the puck and being able of eluding the forward pressuring him with quick deceptive movements. Looks comfortable from all spots on the blue line and trusts his abilities. Defensively Korchinski is always skating forward, his backwards skating needs some work but he depends on his ability to push players off the puck, quickly turning the puck back up ice if he does so successfully. Always has his head engaged in his defensive end, adjusts his positioning often and focused on intercepting passes between the dots. Not a strong player in his defensive end but once the puck touches his stick it is quickly out of the zone. Korchinski’s puck sense and ability to create offense from the back end is unique and will make him a highly wanted players come the draft, likely goes in the second round.