Prospect Profile: Koehn Ziemmer

Name: Koehn Ziemmer

Team: OHA Edmonton (CSSHL)

Position: Forward

Hometown: Mayerthorpe, Alberta

Height/Weight: 5’10 179lbs

Hand: Right

WHL Draft: 

DraftGeek Rank: 7


Areas of Strength

  • Offensive Instincts
  • Shooting Abilities
  • Boardwalk

Areas of Weakness

  • Footspeed
  • Defensive Positioning

Report: From the first puck drop I saw this season; we knew Koehn Ziemmer was a top ten prospect in this draft class. Physically mature for his age, Ziemmer’s unpredictable offensive attack make him the best offensive player right now. Every time he touched the puck, scouts got up on their seats and knew something was going to become of it, even on the penalty kill. A threat to score from anywhere with laser precise shooting, Ziemmer has scored goals from all angles of the offensive end this season. Much like Kirby Dach is a sense Ziemmer’s calmness when leading the attack, even when all by himself, can push defenders back and given him loads of room to work with over the blue line. His skills are so respected at this age that defenders know if they close the distance on him he will walk around them without issue, Ziemmer may not have separating speed but with quick hands and mature physical strength he beats defenders from the outside better than anyone else in this draft class. Ziemmer will also look to quickly turn inside on defenders, a right handed shot that quickly release shots with angle adjustments. Everything that Ziemmer chooses to do offensive is often orchestrated through calculated decisions and anticipating what the defender will do on him. Ziemmer ability to mix up his attack is superb, given the pace he attacks with he’s capable of reading everything going on around him, noticing when a team mate is wide open or when a defenseman is out of position he exploits every little advantage given to him. Ziemmer is not just a god given scorer, he’s an excellent set up man in the offensive end who is capable is reading developing passing lanes and elevating pucks on his forehand/backhand through traffic. The poise to his game is marvelous to watch and something he relies on. Much like Lisowsky though, Ziemmer will shoot the puck from literally anywhere in the offensive end, he’s scored goals this year from the goal line and from up high on the blue line. With a tonne of range with his stick handling, Ziemmer is so tough to defend one on one, out of corner’s he shown the skill and strength to elude pressure and creating a scoring opportunity out of nothing. Doesn’t do much on the back check but in his defensive end as well that poise is on full display. Playing to his position and swiftly attacking with his stick, cutting off passes and quickly transitioning the puck. A multi-faceted scorer who plays to his strengths, Ziemmer scores much like Connor McClennon did at this age and with spectacular vision and agility, Ziemmer’s scoring off the rush is something nobody else in this draft class is able to perfect.