Prospect Profile: Kyren Gronick

Name: Kyren Gronick

Team: Regina Aces (SBAAHL)

Position: Forward

Hometown: Regina, Alberta

Height/Weight: 5’10 150lbs

Hand: Left

WHL Draft: 

DraftGeek Rank: 17


Areas of Strength

  • Physical Strength
  • Down Low Play
  • Net Drive

Areas of Weakness

  • Foot Speed
  • Explosiveness
  • Defensive Urgency

Report:  Gronick got his name out early this season, starting off the season with high point totals and dominating the SBAAHL south division. To some Gronick may be the best 2004 Saskatchewan born player in the draft, certainly the most projectable by any sense. Kyren Gronick is a new aged power winger who offers a forceful offensive game blended with nice smooth puck carrying and goal-scoring capabilities. Every team covets a big strong winger whose physical strong enough to get pucks from one end of the rink to the other, Kyren Gronick fills that role to a tee. A bit hunched over in his skating stance, Gronick’s stride is backed with natural strength and deep powerful cuts up ice. Whilst he may not attack with quick feet, one stride gets him further up the ice than a similar play may get if he took three. Attacking with calmness and poise, Gronick’s quick hands allow him to create space off the rush and his advantageous strength and intensity allow him to effortlessly drive pucks to the net from the outside. Gronick’s puck sense is phenomenal, though he is well aware of the physical tools he has been gifted, his awareness past the blue line to curl up or adjust his pace and allow passing option to develop. Not to get overworked he will often curl up deep in the offensive end. Kyren loves to attack of the wall, bulling his way through traffic and to the net, Gronick’s quick hands allow him to puck handle through pressured areas effortlessly. Doesn’t give his opposition a second of time when fore-checking, stapling them to the boards and peeling out with the puck proving a formidable presence offensively. Strong edge’s and quick feet to swiftly change direction with the puck and set up his heavy shot that rarely gets stopped by goalies his age. Opening and creating shooting lanes with quick hands, and electing to release it often in the slot or between the dots. Remains calm under pressure, choosing to give his back to the opposition and shield the puck away, managing pressure with knowledge of his abilities never choosing to dump pucks deep. Recognizing how to get notice, Gronick developed the balance to his game, given how well he facilitates the offense he does a similar thing defensively to read/break up developing plays in his own end and intercepting them before making a heavy curl up ice in transition. Overall Gronick is a physical gifted forward whose smart all around intelligences, polish and maturity along with wide base allows him to impact the game consistently and in all situations. Gronick’s game reminds me a lot of Regina Pats forward Auston Pratt who has the same sort of strength and weaknesses but constantly affects the game on a shift by shift basis and can drive the offensive of his line.