Prospect Profile: Oasiz Wiesblatt

Name: Oasiz Wiesblatt

Team: Calgary Bison (AMBHL)

Position: Forward

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

Height/Weight: 5’5 145lbs

Hand: Left

WHL Draft: 

DraftGeek Rank: 14


Areas of Strength

  • Shiftiness
  • Craftiness
  • Playmaking through Traffic

Areas of Weakness

  • Slowing Down Game
  • Height
  • Distributing in Transition

Report: Brother of Orca/Ocean/Ozzy Wiesblatt, Oasiz will be looking to follow in his Ozzy’s footsteps and play in the WHL at the age of 16. Oasiz posted 55 points in 28 regular season games this past season, adding another 13 in playoffs. Oasiz coming out party came at the AMBHL All-Star game in January, he was outstanding and dominant against his AMBHL peers and posted a hat trick in what was a tight game. A highly effective attacker who blends hard to contain shiftiness with evasive craftiness into a package that often doesn’t get touched when coming up ice. Wiesblatt likes to drive the attack up this by himself, doesn’t look to distribute passes through the neutral zone, just wants to continue to build speed zone to zone. Wiesblatt’s ability to identify different holes and shift his attention to them allows him to be so hard to defend. With how fast he is at top speed and how quickly he can change that direction of attack, it’s impossible to cleanly defender him as he will adjust his pace from fast to slow or vica-versa. Quick to process his surroundings, Wiesblatt will take ice in the offensive zone and allow his team mates to catch up. He’s got great instincts with the puck on his stick, breaking down defensive systems and making opposing players look silly with creative puck skills. Wiesblatts vision from the blue line in, is elite. He’s always got his head up and intensely computes the game, Wiesblatt is able to execute elevated passes short/long distances to reach his intended target, with boards to board awareness he’s outstanding at recognize a streaking player and hit him with precise timing. Willing to battle his way through physical spots on the ice, taking on a work load that many others aren’t willing to take. Driving through traffic with the puck, playing fearless along the wall, and getting involved in the cycle, Wiesblatt does whatever it takes to get points on the board. While he’s more of a pass first player in my eyes, Wiesblatt has also proven that he can score at will with 19 goals this past season. The reason he is capable of doing such is based on how well he thinks the game, and how well he manipulates opposing plays. Wiesblatt has a real heavy shots and heavy release, but he will load up his release and fake a shot to open up goalies or defenseman before controlling the puck around them with ease. Oasiz recognizes soft areas on the ice and crease space for himself with aggressive cuts and deceptive puck mechanics. A bit of a meatball on the ice, may be smaller than Ozzy but he is a lot stronger on his feet that Ozzy was at this age and plays with a bit more nastiness then Ozzy did. Oasiz will give it to the opposing players between whistles and loves to get in their heads. As competitive as they come, always playing with urgency and fearlessness. I have seen Oasiz take a slap shot to the head, pick the puck up, go down the ice and score against top competition. Overall with Oasiz, he’s a strong heavy kid whose skilled beyond his age, his ability to facilitate offense fiddle with defenders is similar to Ozzy. A better player than all his older brothers were at this age, high expectations on Oasiz.