Prospect Profile: Tyson Jugnauth

Name: Tyson Jugnauth

Team: Central Zone Rockets (BC-T1)

Position: Defense

Hometown: Kelowna, British Columbia

Height/Weight: 5’10 140lbs

Hand: Left

WHL Draft: 

DraftGeek Rank: 21


Areas of Strength

  • Skating
  • Skill
  • Offensive Abilities

Areas of Weakness

  • Size
  • Defensive End

Report: Though he played this past season in the BC-T1 league, Jugnauth skill set is in high demand coming into draft day and he’s expected to be one of the top defenseman picked out of the province of BC. An extremely smooth and fluid skater, Jugnauth is light on his feet, it looks like he’s just gliding on the ice effortlessly. Jugnauth relies on this skating is all areas of the game. He looks like a forward on the ice, insists on jumping up in the rush and doing his own work by just rushing it himself many times in a game. Escapability is effortless, slippery in nature and fleet footed enough to manage his way out of pressured corners. Transitions the puck with transporting or quick close proximity passes in which he wants to receive the puck back. Despite lacking in size, Jugnauth uses his diminutive physique as an advantageous quality. Slipping his way inside player’s hands and easily taking the puck off the players stick like he was holding it for Jugnauth to take. Recovers well when he jumps up in the rush, may not make it all the way back but gives his best effort to at the very least control a man. Always in motion in the offensive end, heads up puck distributor with a grab-and-go mentality where he moves the puck then drives the net. Displays strong controlled instincts with his hands, his passes must be tape to tape in order to feel confident to deliver the pass. A smooth skater who will regroup pucks back if the prime route is unavailable. Jugnauth adjusts his lane of attack at different pressure points, smartly identifies lanes quickly and bursting through them with full control. Defends the rush extremely well, staying to the middle and forcing players to attack down the outside, staying with them all the way and forcing them into the corner or behind the net. Overall a team is getting a skilled defenseman with a highly effective puck transporting transitional game, looks like he could play either forward or defense and find success.