Prospect Profile: Kalem Parker

Name: Kalem Parker

Team: Martensville Marauders (SBAAHL)

Position: Defense



Hand: Right

WHL Draft: 32nd Overall – Victoria Royals

DraftGeek Rank: 113th


Areas of Strength

  • Puck Mobility
  • Offensive Abilities
  • Intensity

Areas of Weakness 

  • Size
  • Defensive Positioning
  • Strength in Corners

Report: A right shot defenseman who scored 36 points over 30 games with the SBAAHL winning Martensville Marauders. Kalem Parker is a two-way defender who’s a solid puck rusher and provides a tonne of skill on a team’s back end. Parker often does the transitional game with his feet but can make a good first pass to a standstill option as well. His skating is the big tool to his box, he’s quick and mobile whilst being able to outskate most players at this level. Power play quarterback qualities with good vision and mobility on the blue line to open up passing lanes. Able to manage under pressured situation and utilize space given to him. Right handed defender. Defensively he has good positioning, it’s very instinctive as he often asserts himself in front of his own net but puck watches and loses his assignment a little more than others. He’s very controlled a plays with good pace and poise. Able to read defensive positioning’s and exploit where he feels they have weaknesses in coverage. Looks like a WHL player when skating with the puck.