Future Cast: Moose Jaw Warriors

2019 WHL Draft Summary

The Moose Jaw Warriors came into the draft without a selection in the first three rounds of the draft, but after trading Jett Woo to the Calgary Hitmen they were able to make a pick in the first round selecting Denton Mateychuk at 11th overall. Mateychuk is regarded as the best puck distributing defensemen in the draft who plays a puck dominant game with tenacity. The Warriors made nine more selections in the draft as well. Picking 70 selections after the Mateychuk pick they took Jagger Firkus, an uber skilled winger puck offensive facilitating abilities, and then they took University of Denver committed Carson Brisson at pick 104 and BWC Academy Kyle Kelsey at 107. Two players who have the potential to be everyday WHL players if they choose to commit to the league. After those picks the Warriors philosophy changed a bit, they began drafting skilled and physical players. Carter McLeod, Luke Robson, Dakota Macintosh, and Thomas Tien are all physical players who play mean and keep it simple offensively. Jaden Waddell and Daniel Schaan were two defensemen taken out of Manitoba, both are big and skate very well given there size while being capable of making quick first passes out of there end. The Warriors took five players out of Manitoba in this draft class. When looking at next years line up the Warriors likely loose a goalie, three defensemen (Including Jett Woo), and two forwards but take in Ryder Korczak and Vladislav Yeryomenko. So with a goalie spot open for potentially Jackson Berry to fill, two defensemen spots and one forward spot, expect a lot of competition at camp and no one player being handed an opportunity in the line up.

11th Overall – Denton Mateychuk; 82nd Overall – Jagger Firkus; 104th Overall – Carson Brisson; 107th Overall – Kyle Kelsey; 117th Overall – Jaden Waddell; 170th Overall – Carter McLeod; 178th Overall – Luke Robson; 192nd Overall – Dakota Macintosh; 214th Overall – Daniel Schaan; 236th Overall – Thomas Tien

Best Value Pick: Dakota Macintosh (192nd Overall) РWinnipeg Warriors (WPG-AAA)

Top 10 Prospects (2002-2004) * College Commits Excluded Unless Playing in Canada

  1. Daemon Hunt (Defense) – Moose Jaw Warriors/WHL (2002)
  2. Denton Mateychuk (Defense) – Eastman Selects/WPG-AAA (2004)
  3. Eric Alarie (Forward) – RHA Nationals/CSSHL (2003)
  4. Ryder Korczak (Forward) – Calgary Hitmen/WHL (2002)
  5. Carson Brisson (Defense) – Leduc Oil Kings/AMBHL (2004) * Committed to the University of Denver
  6. Peyton McKenzie (Forward) – OHA Edmonton/CSSHL (2002)
  7. Levi Thiessen (Forward) РYale Lions/CSSHL (2002)
  8. Jagger Firkus (Forward) – Lloydminster Bobcats/AMBHL (2004)
  9. Keenan Allan (Forward) – Saskatoon Blazers (2003)
  10. Kade Hayes (Forward) – Tisdale Trojans/SMHL (2002)

Potential Rookie’s 2019-2020

Eric Alarie (2003)

Jackson Berry (2002)

Cory King (2002)

Cole Jordan (2002)

Levi Thiessen (2002)

Peyton McKenzie (2002)

Kade Hayes (2002)