Future Cast: Portland Winterhawks

2019 WHL Draft Summary

A team that has never shy’d away from taking American born players took four more in this years draft, including our top ranked American with there final selection in the draft. Focusing more on the Canadian side, the Winterhawks took seven Canadian born players in this years draft. With there first pick coming late in the third round, they took Delta Green captain Kyle Chyzowski with there first pick in the draft, a dynamic and tenacious two-way forward whose developed his offence as the season progressed for him this season. There forces on the draft seemed to be skill, tenacity, and speed when it came to Canadian forwards. Taking Chyzowski along with Carter Streek, Landon Van Engelen, and Marcus Nguyen who all fit the bill of small physical players with good feet. Defensively they took two defensemen in Ryder Thompson and Josh Mori, both contributed offensively in different ways to there team but possesses nifty skating abilities and can both transition the puck up ice efficiently. The philosophy of drafting high skill and good feet have been imprinted on the Winterhawks for years, even previous scouts who have moved on to lead other teams have brought along that same sort of philosophy with them to there new team. Ty Schumanski was the only goalie taken, a bit of a project who natural athleticism and raw positioning. 

Going into next year I will closely watch the Winterhawks 20-year-old situation and whether or not they bring back a defensemen some how. If they do than they may be on the look out for a couple of young defensemen to step into the lineup, Kurtis Smythe likely makes the team but the other spot would be wide open. Dante Giannuzzi or Evan Fradette will compete to play behind Joel Hofer. Offensively first round pick Gabe Klassen may be the only 2003 to make the team, while 2002’s Tyson Kozak and Jackson Nieuwendyk could make the team. My wild card player to watch is Jonah Bevington and Trey Taylor. 

58th Overall – Kyle Chyzowski; 80th Overall – Carter Streek; 105th Overall – Ryder Thompson; 124th Overall – Luke Schelter; 148th Overall – Ty Schumanski; 168th Overall – Josh Mori; 184th Overall – Landon Van Engelen; 190th Overall – Marek Hejduk; 212th Overall – Jimmy Snuggerud; 234th Overall – Marcus Nguyen; 256th Overall – Maddox Fleming

Best Value Pick: Marcus Nguyen (234th Overall) – Calgary Northstars (AMBHL)

Top 10 Prospects (2002-2004) * College Commits Excluded Unless Playing in Canada

  1. Seth Jarvis (Forward) – Portland Winterhawks/WHL (2002)
  2. Cross Hanas (Forward) – Portland Winterhawks/WHL (2002)
  3. Robbie Fromm-Delorme (Forward) – Portland Winterhawks/WHL (2002)
  4. Ethan Edwards (Defense) – NAX Academy/CSSHL (2003) *Committed to the University of Michigan
  5. Gabe Klassen (Forward) – Prince Albert Mintos (2003)
  6. Ryan Helliwell (Defense) – Langley Riverman (2002) *Committed to Notre Dame
  7. Kyle Chyzowski (Forward) – Delta Green (2004) 
  8. Kurtis Smythe (Defense) – Delta Midget Prep (2002)
  9. Dante Giannuzzi (Goalie) – RHA Nationals (2002)
  10. Dawson Pasternak (Forward) – Sioux Fall (2003)

Potential Rookie’s 2019-2020

Gabe Klassen (2003)

Kurtis Smythe (2002)

Tyson Kozak (2002)

Dante Giannuzzi (2002)

Dawson Pasternak (2003)

Trey Taylor (2002)

Jackson Nieuwendyk (2002)