Future Cast: Victoria Royals

2019 WHL Draft Summary

I was a big fan of the Royals draft class, they seemed to always take our highest ranked player and made our rankings look good, so thanks Victoria. Starting off there draft in the first round with structured two-way defensemen Jason Spizawka, an athletic blue liner who plays an assertive all-situations game, Jason is a local boy who is physically ready to take the next step in his development. After that the Royals took two Saskatchewan born natives in the second round starting with defensemen Kalem Parker an active offensive that plays with speed and poise, and Carter Dereniwsky a sharp shooting two-way centre that handles pressure well and possess projectable tools to the WHL game. Tanner Scott was the teams third round pick, ranked in our first round Scott is a Davis Koch like player that carries the game when on the ice with powerful cuts up ice and a hard working 200ft game. Yale Lions captain Brayden Schuurman was taken 69th Overall, Schuurman’s a bull dog of a forward who may lack size but plays fearless and battles hard in tight to earn his chances. They then took another Saskatchewan born player in Carter Briltz at 102nd overall, an old-school power winger that bully’s his way to the net and plays physical along the wall. Our highest value pick choice was Lukas Shipley who played BC-T2 over the second half of the year, Shipley is an assertive two-way defensemen with a hammering slap shot and a heavy defensive game. The Royals then elected to take Jason’s twin brother Ryan at pick 137, Ryan has that same sort of athleticism as Jason but hovered around from defence to forward during the season. Only one american was taken by the Victoria Royals, Charlie Stramel out of Minnesota. 

Having made the playoffs every year since moving to Victoria, the consistency performance wise that the Royals have had in the past will set the bar for there expectations this upcoming season. They lose the likes of Koby McDonald, Ralph Jarrett, and starting net minder Griffen Outhouse to over aging, those spots will be tough to replace with young rookie. On top of that the Royals will have to choose between six 99’s for three spots, leading to openings on the back end. Noah Lamb, Nolan Bentham, and Kaden Reinders are the likeliest of defensemen to make the line up on the back end while others like Dylan Hewlett and Ethan Willoughby have outside shots of making it out of camp. Up front the team will have few openings but have the depth in there prospect pool to quickly fill. Alex Bolshakov, Trent Crane, Nolan Doell, and Christopher Alexander could make the team in depth roles on forward. It gets interesting when we start to talk about what will happen in the crease after losing long time starter Griffen Outhouse. Keegan Maddocks, Connor Martin and Cale Elder are the teams three top goalie prospects, either of the three could break out at camp and earn the spot but who will start? Only time will tell.

19th Overall – Jason Spizawka; 32nd Overall – Kalem Parker; 39th Overall – Carter Dereniwsky; 48th Overall – Tanner Scott; 69th Overall – Brayden Schuurman; 102nd Overall -Carter Briltz; 112th Overall – Lukas Shipley; 137th Overall – Ryan Spizawka; 208th Overall – Charlie Stramel

Best Value Pick: Lukas Shipley (112th Overall) – Powell River (BC-T2)

Top 10 Prospects (2002-2004) * College Commits Excluded Unless Playing in Canada

  1. Nolan Bentham (Defense) – Yale Lions/CSSHL (2003)
  2. Michael Benning (Defense) – Sherwood Park Crusaders/AJHL (2002)
  3. Jason Spizawka (Defense) – Yale Lions/CSSBHL (2004)
  4. Tanner Scott (Forward) – OHA Edmonton/CSSBHL (2004)
  5. Ty Yoder (Forward) – Victoria Royals/WHL (2002)
  6. Carter Dereniwsky (Forward) – Yorkton Maulers/SMHL (2004)
  7. Alex Bolshakov (Forward) – Everett Jr Silvertips/USA (2002)
  8. Brayden Schuurman (Forward) – Yale Lions/CSSBHL (2004)
  9. Lukas Shipley (Defense) – Powell River/BC-T2 (2004)
  10. Trent Crane (Forward) – RHA Nationals/Elite 15s (2003)

Potential Rookie’s 2019-2020

Nolan Bentham (2003)

Alex Bolshakov (2002)

Kaden Reinders (2002)

Noah Lamb (2002)

Nolan Doell (2001)

Connor Martin (2002)

Cale Elder (2000)