Future Cast: Winnipeg Ice

2019 WHL Draft Summary

With a new city to play in, the Winnipeg Ice needed to create optimism for the new fan base. They did this by acquiring the second overall pick on top of the first overall pick they already had. Without any surprise the Ice took highly coveted superstar Matthew Savoie with the first overall pick, Matthew is currently committed to the University of Denver but if he were to commit to the WHL and play for the Winnipeg Ice it would be huge for the league and the city of Winnipeg. Next the Winnipeg Ice chose to hedge there bets and selected local native Conor Geekie with the second overall pick, Geekie is an offensive power forward with 80+ point potential. Another University of Denver commit was then taken by the Ice at pick 68, Reiger Lorenz out of Calgary who plays a balanced all around game along with some offensive creativity and impressive puck management abilities, Lorenz would have likely been a first round pick if he were committed to the WHL. Daniel Hauser was taken at pick 120, team mate of Reiger Lorenz, Hauser has already signed with the Ice out of camp. Brayden Edwards was the team’s next pick just seven selections later, a quick developing prospect that can seemingly do it all offensively and plays with a high level motor. Four Albertan players were taken by the Ice to close out there 2019 draft, Hayden Pakkala, Josh Mettimano, Owen Boucher, and Carter Spirig were the team’s final picks. Pakkala is a positional scorer that plays on the edge while also inserting a bit of skill to his game. Mettimano also played on the Edge Mountaineers alongside Reiger Lorenz and Danial Hauser. Owen Boucher is a smooth skating two-way defensemen with long reach and a fluid puck transitioning game. Carter Spirig was the teams last pick, a shooting power winger that plays heavy and has a booming slap shot. Overall the draft class for the Winnipeg Ice was good, if they are able to get Lorenz and Savoie to commit to the WHL then that would be huge for them.

After a struggling 2018-2019 campaign, the Winnipeg Ice will be looking to improve upon last years failures and begin its way back up to the top. They do not lose many faces from last years team, just 20-year olds Jaeger White, Curtis Meger, and Martin Bodak who all age out. Otherwise it comes down to who stands out in camp, and who the Winnipeg Ice like more. I could see a lot of players from last years team cut for room for younger replacements. Carson Lambos, Anson McMaster, and Ben Zloty are all ready to make the leap to the WHL on the back end and are all coming off accolade seasons. Upfront James Form is the only forward right now that I can see making the team as a rookie, they are a year away from having some real talented players come in up front. While in net it will be a battle between Will Gurski and Gage Alexander to see who cracks a line up spot out of camp. 

1st Overall – Matthew Savoie; 2nd Overall – Conor Geekie; 68th Overall – Reiger Lorenz; 120th Overall – Daniel Hauser; 127th Overall – Brayden Edwards; 142nd Overall – Hayden Pakkala; 156th Overall – Josh Mettimano; 157th Overall – Owen Boucher; 169th Overall – Carter Spirig

Best Value Pick: Daniel Hauer (120th Overall) – Edge Mountaineers (CSSBHL)

Top 10 Prospects (2002-2004) * College Commits Excluded Unless Playing in Canada

  1. Matthew Savoie (Forward) РNAX Academy/CSSHL (2004) *Committed to the University of Denver
  2. Carson Lambos (Defense) – RHA Nationals/CSSHL (2003)
  3. Connor McClennon (Forward) – Kootenay Ice/WHL (2002)
  4. Conor Geekie (Forward) – Yellowhead Chiefs/WPG-AAA (2004)
  5. Carter Savoie (Forward) – Sherwood Park Crusaders/AJHL (2002) *Committed to the University of Denver
  6. Karter Prosofsky (Defense) – Saskatoon Blazers/SMHL (2003)
  7. Anson McMaster (Defense) – Okotoks Oilers/AMHL (2002)
  8. Ben Zloty (Defense) – Calgary Royals/AMHL (2002)
  9. Owen Pederson (Forward) – Kootenay Ice/WHL (2002)
  10. Reiger Lorenz (Forward) – Edge Mountaineers/CSSBHL (2004) *Committed to the University of Denver

Potential Rookie’s 2019-2020

Carson Lambos (2003)

Anson McMaster (2002)

Ben Zloty (2002)

Will Gurski (2002)

James Form (2002)

Logan Danis (2002)

Gage Alexander (2002)