NHL Draft: Logan Barlage

Name: Logan Barlage

Team: Lethbridge Hurricanes (WHL) 

Position: Center

Height/Weight: 6’4 201lbs

Hand: Right

NHL Draft Ranking: N/A 

Western Prospects Ranking: 37th

Estimated Draft Position: Fifth Round to Sixth Round


Areas of Strength

  • Processing Offensive Zone
  • Robust Qualities
  • Lightning Release

Areas of Weakness

  • Skating Abilities
  • Quicken Execution
  • O to D Transitioning

Report: A massive right handed centre that produced over half a point per game in his first draft eligible season, sound enticing? It probably should, but theres a lot more there than just what people see on paper. On paper Barlage has been tremendous, in fact since joining the Hurricanes midway through his rookie season (Traded from Swift Current), Logan Barlage has totalled sixty-three total points including twenty eight goals in a season and a half. Since joining the Hurricanes not only has Barlage’s ice time improved, but the goal scoring abilities WHL scouts saw in bantam and midget are beginning to translate into the league. 

Logan Barlage is a bulky, goal scoring power centre that uses his big body on both ends of the rink to gain a competitive advantage over his opposition. Barlage is one of those players who are blessed physically with tremendous size but has also recognized the proper way of exploiting it. By shielding the puck along the perimeter, tenaciously out working opposing players in one on one battles down low, and pushing his way into scoring areas, Barlage is (at times) a bully on the ice who players on other teams do not like to play against. What makes Barlage even more frustrating for opposing players is that he can also put the puck in the back of the net. Logan’s one-touch shot release is booming, its pops off his stick with high velocity and he’s able to get it off from any pressure situation in the offensive zone. He keeps his feet moving at all times when his team has offensive possession, eluding around coverage with sneakiness and locating soft spots on the ice to creep into. When in control of the puck Barlage also has some intriguing puck skills, he’s shown the silky hands to handle the puck through tight areas and while he’s a perimeter based player when the puck is on his stick, Barlage has the strength in his body and on his twig to roll/force his way off the wall into a scoring area. Where Barlage sort of drops off for a lot of people is with his skating. While there have been improvements to his skating, and he is learning how to drive more power/acceleration out of his stride but with his current mechanics it looks like he will never reach that high level of smoothness that people would like to see, much like a younger Brett Leason in a sense. Barlage’s grit and nastiness are also things that NHL Scouts will like, especially old school guys, he’s not afraid to mix it up after whistle or to drop the gloves with an opponent. He can struggle managing the game, making an impact in all three zones and getting himself involved the the puck transitions both ways. Barlage would check out to be a bit of a prospect, I think the size, skill, hockey sense, and shot are all there but the skating and intensity need work.