NHL Draft: Tarun Fizer

Photo by Jon Howe

Name: Tarun Fizer

Team: Victoria Royals (WHL)

Position: Right Wing

Height/Weight: 5’11 161lbs

Hand: Right

NHL Draft Ranking: N/A

Western Prospects Ranking: 42nd

Estimated Draft Position: Seventh Round or Camp Invite


Areas of Strength

  • Responsible Two-Way
  • Slippery Offensive Zone
  • Always in Good Positioning

Areas of Weakness

  • Slight and Scrawny
  • Lacks Explosiveness
  • Board Work

Report: To start the season we were not expecting to have Fizer this high on our Western NHL Prospects list, Fizer was coming off of a rookie season with the Royals in which he saw limited ice time and only produced seven points in 45 games played. The 2018-2019 season saw Tarun quadruple those digits with 34 regular season points in 68 regular season games. On a less talented Victoria Royals team, Fizer helped lead them to a BC division playoff birth. Fizer was a staple on the Royals top six, earning minutes on the power play and developing himself into a catalytic player in all three zones. Thought Fizer may not get taken until late, given how behind he is developing physically and just how talented he is at this moment its worth taking a shot on the half point per game winger from Alberta. 

Every time he talked about his play, Fizer talked about becoming a better player defensively with his positioning and compete. Those words echoed throughout the season as Fizers two-way game saw massive improvements, developing into a responsible wing man in all three zones and reaching the accolade of being a more versatile player. Though Fizer was focused on improving his play on the back side of the puck, his offensive touch was also refined. Given his long lanky physique, Fizer’s naturally able to slip through traffic untouched and slide through contact in pressured situations. Fizer’s approach offensive is to elude and out react players with the puck, play calm and unnoticed without it. Fizer’s ability to find his way out of the eyes of defensive coverage makes him so hard to contain, he’s there one minute and then in a scoring position the next. Combined with on-target shooting that lacks velocity, Fizer’s not only finds soft spots in the offend end but also has the scoring touch to finish efficiently. With the puck Fizer drives up his dynamicness, quickening his hands to elude defenders and constantly moving his feet to locate free ice. A north-south player who doesn’t take any short cuts to get to his destination, attacking direct lanes to where he wants to go. Slippery along the wall, slick though the middle of the ice, and controlling zone to zone, Fizer’s puck possession game is refined and confident. Always has his head up with the puck, equipped with good vision to lead players with passes and utilizes his team-mates just the right amount. Whats so important to note about Fizer is that his mechanics and physical game is developed at the level of almost a Midget level player, there is so much room for growth there and everything he does now is dependant on his above average hockey IQ and separating skill set. May be a project but his role with the Royals is going to be huge next season and he’s going to be a player that will continue to produce and continue to gain confidence in himself.