Game Report: Ottawa vs Peterborough – Oct 18th

Ottawa 67’s vs Peterborough Pete’s – October 18th

Marco Rossi – Rossi is an offensive threat at all times. He can start offense by finding space for himself to enter the zone, and follows it up by creating space for his teammates for scoring chances. His ability to make decisions so quickly makes him a threat when given a lot of time as well as in tight, as he has a great shot but even better passing instincts. Rossi rarely ever rushes plays and is one step ahead of the play at all times. He seems to play keepaway from the opposition at times when he doesn’t have passing options, and even though he is short in stature his lower body is strong enough to fend off players much taller than him.


Nikita Okhotyuk – Okhotyuk plays a defensive minded game but showed some flashes of offence. While he sometimes rushes passes under pressure, he managed a few rushes and displayed some smooth edgework while doing so. Defensively, Okhotyuk knows when to step up and plays the body effectively.


Noel Hoefenmayer – Hoefenmayer’s offensive style earns him plenty of shots and shot attempts, but his overall game is not at the level the Coyotes had certainly hoped it would be when drafting him. He has a short stride which limits his speed, and he tends to give the puck away often under pressure. He also tends to lose a lot of foot races because of his lackluster acceleration. You can see that there is a possibility for potential there, but he needs to fix a few things when it comes to transition play and his skating abilities, more specifically his stride.


Nick Robertson – Nick Robertson is an incredibly creative player with the puck. He’ll find a passing lane and if it’s blocked in front of him, will casually throw it behind is back tape to tape. He can enter the zone with possession and make space for himself to get off his quick wrister. His ability to hold onto the puck frustrates the opposition, which was evident in this game as he drew two penalties. Everything he does is done so quickly and precisely that I don’t believe he’ll struggle to find himself being successful at the next level.


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