OHL Game Report – North Bay vs Oshawa – Oct 4th

North Bay Battalion vs Oshawa Generals: October 4th 2019

Tyler Tullio – Tullio shows flashes of excellent puck handling skills. He is good at creating/finding space in the offensive zone, as well as picking off pucks and creating turnovers. His shot is good and he has a knack for picking corners and catching goalies off guard. His skating is fluid, though he lacks the top speed that would really set him apart. 

Lleyton Moore – Moore is excellent at maintaining his teams’ possession in transition, whether it be via a stretch pass or carrying it himself while utilizing exceptional edgework. He keeps composure the majority of the time he has possession of the puck and takes the split second to make good decisions, even when faced with limited time. He has great vision, particularly in his own zone; and occasionally he applies this ability in the offensive zone which results in scoring opportunities. It would be beneficial to see him take advantage of this offensive vision more often.  Defensive positioning and fluidity when skating require some extra attention. 

Kyle MacLean – MacLean plays a calmer style, and deeper in the net. Although he does play a steadier more position based style, he never gives up on a play and occasionally makes desperation saves. His tracking is good. He plays the puck the majority of the time. While he is good at handling the puck, it often leaves his team in a vulnerable position as there is often a forechecker from the other team extremely close behind him.  

Brandon Coe – Coe has a fluid and smooth stride, allowing him to move up and down the ice with ease. He has the ability to beat defenders out one on one. The 2020 eligible forward has a few strong rushes a game and has begun producing more. Consistency is improving. As the year progresses, he should take a large step forward due to the extra ice time available.


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