OHL Game Report – Oshawa vs Hamilton – Oct 27th

Oshawa vs. Hamilton – October 27th 

Marco Costantini – Marco Costantini plays a deeper in the net style. He appears very calm, and in control in the net, and his tracking is excellent, even through traffic. The draft eligible goalie single-handedly kept his team in the game; however, once the first goal was scored, his game became slightly sloppier and he lost his previous calm demeanor.

Nathan Staios – Nathan Staios plays with an edge, pushing the line between legal and illegal plays, and is constantly getting under the opponent’s skin. Not only is he defensively reliable, he has great vision in the offensive zone and walks the blue line very well. The undrafted forward creates space for his teammates, as the other team has no choice but to respect him as a threat.

Brett Neumann – Brett Neumann is a dynamic player who plays with explosive speed and decent edgework. He is excellent at retrieving pucks, and is never fully out of a play. He has a good release, particularly when he is in the one timer position, and excels on the powerplay. However, he visibly shows frustration when his team is behind and tends to avoid the simple, efficient play. While these plays can create advantages for his team, they often do not work out in his favor.

Oliver Suni – Oliver Suni is great at using his long reach to retrieve pucks. He is quite fast and his strength on the puck provides him with great advantages. Due to this, he drives the net very well. Suni also has excellent position play.


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