Game Report: Edmonton KC vs Saskatoon Generals – December 7th


December 7th, 2019

Saskatoon Generals vs KC Squires

8-Nate Allardyce(RHF) Saskatoon Generals

Did a good job all game playing a defensively responsible game breaking up numerous odd man rushes that could’ve led to scoring chances. Forechecked well also which led to the opposing dmen making some ill advised passes. Overall made good decisions on his passes and was tough to knock off the puck.

19-Caden Price(LHD) Saskatoon Generals

Had the best game I’ve seen him play so far. Did a great job retrieving dump ins and moving the puck up ice quickly and effectively. Used his mobility to evade forechecking pressure very well and get the puck moving forward on the attack. Activated on the rush frequently and created plenty of scoring chances as a result. Played engaged all game and was a effective player in all 3 zones. Was effectice on the PP getting pucks on net and with puck movement.

21-Reid Andresen(LHD) Saskatoon Generals

Like Price he used his skating and mobility to elude pressure all game. Was effective moving the puck and made the correct reads the majority of the time. Played a more engaged and aggressive game than previous viewings. Was dangerous rushing the puck up ice and made zone entries with ease. Had great puck movement on the PP and generated a lot a high danger scoring chances.

22-Tyler Phipps(06)(LHF) Saskatoon Generals

Was the most dangerous forward all game long and his quick release was difficult for the KC goalie to handle. Used his skating to blow past defenders and generate numerous odd man rushes. Battled hard in the corners for loose pucks and drove the net hard consistently. Got caught with a big hit but shook it off and didn’t make him apprehensive afterwards.

29-Alex Garrett(G) Saskatoon Generals

Played a great game and was focused all game long. Did a good job challenging shooters and cutting down the angles. Had good rebound control and directing shots away from danger into the corners. Showed off his athletic ability and fast reflexes half a dozen or so with frustrated KC forwards the result. Was good getting out of his net and stopping dump ins helping his dmen out.

10-Cole Miller(RHF) KC Squires

Was good in the defensive zone using his long reach to break up passes and deflect shots into the netting. Effective carrying the puck through the neutral zone and creating zone entries. Strong along the walls and getting pucks on net but could’ve been more effective using his size and driving the net. Didn’t through his weight around much and could’ve been more imposing.

20-Logan Dochuk(LHD) KC Squires

Did a good job challenging players at the line and makes zone entries difficult. Had a couple big hits and played a pretty imposing game. Was aggressive rushing the puck up ice and used his skating to create chances however tried to do too much himself. Opposing dmen did a good job forcing him outside resulting in low scoring chance shots mostly.