Player Profile: Andrew Cristall

NAME: Andrew Cristall

TEAM: St. George’s School(CSSHL)

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’7/130lbs


HAND: Left




Without a doubt the most skilled player in this draft, competing with that spot against Connor Bedard. Cristalls puck handling it puck on a string like, he never losses possession of the puck and he always seems to be in control. Cristall is a one-dimensional offensive dual threat that hones elite abilities. Cristall had 80 points this past season for St. George’s, in 27 games he had 43 goals and 37 assists. Cristall is an uber-clever and high imagination center that is dangerous from the blue line inwards. A pace dictator, Cristall immediately slows down the game when the puck touches his stick, he takes control of the game and can pull of whatever offensive strategy he has in his head. Cristall has an incredibly feel for the game, he lacks ideal size but he never gets hit thanks to his extremely good vision. Skill work in tight and around his body, Cristall will put defenseman in a body bag with the kind of skill moves he pulls off around them. Has the ability to score, Cristall deception can at times lead to a quick shot on net or he can walk through a few guys and find himself in front to beat the goalie. Really needs to improve his defensive game, he’s rarely found in his own zone and he’s usually the last man back to his own end and the first one out. Not an elite skater, he’s agile and has good feet but does not have much speed or edge work about him. At times he can get frustrated and have a bit of a temper. Cristall has the potential to be a James Malm type of player at the WHL level.


(Photo by Garrett James/CSSHL)