Player Profile: Bauer Dumanski

NAME: Bauer Dumanski

TEAM: Humboldt Broncos (SBAAHL)

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’10/151lbs


HAND: Left





A leader for Humboldt in every aspect, Dumanski led his team in scoring with 33 points as a defenseman and played double shifting minutes in all situations. Dumanski is the most complete defenseman in the province and has no holes to his game. He’s also a very consistent player who always brings his “A” game even though this was a more robust year for him on a really weak team where he and Ryland Martin were the only real play drivers. Dumanski is a good skater who has a good first few steps to get up to top speed quickly and can skate past most players. Has good control of his edges as well which helps him change directions quickly to shake attacking players. Has good hockey IQ that he uses in all zones whether it’s seeing a passing lane before it’s there, letting players over-commit to him so he can make the easy play to his wide open defense partner or taking away shooting/passing lanes. He has a big shot that can beat goalies from far out and also has a quick release when he’s in tight on the goalie. He’s good with his hands offensively evading stick checks and weaving through players while defensively using them to lift sticks effectively without taking penalties. Is a physical player who likes to through his weight around on big checks but is smart enough to know when it’s better to simply rub the player off the puck and get the puck moving the other direction. Is tough to beat on the rush as he keeps good gaps forcing players wide or simply knocking the puck off their sticks. Has good positioning and rarely gets caught chasing players around the ice. Showed the best at the Sask First events.