Player Profile: Caden Brown

NAME: Caden Brown

TEAM: Delta Green(CSSHL)

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’10/183lbs


HAND: Right




Returning player to the Delta Green Bantam Prep team, Caden Brown was named the captain of the team. Last year he had an impressive 30 points in 30 games as a rookie, this year he added onto those totals with 65 points in 30 games, including 35 goals. Caden Brown is a very good bantam player. He’s a smart power winger who possesses high levels of skill and awareness when the puck is on his stick. He’s a masterful offense generator who uses elite level vision and playmaking confidence to set his team mates up for chances. From the hash marks down there are not a lot of players with the offensive capability that Brown has. You can slow the game down when you’re in that area of the ice and that is exactly what Brown does. Brown’s adjustment abilities below the hash marks is impressive, he can make the smallest detailed changes to his strategy and it works out for him. Things like adjusting his speed, baiting a goalie that he is going to shoot, adjusting his skating lane to maneuver into a better scoring area, or taking advantage of extra spacing. Brown is good around the net, the puck always seems to find him when he is in tight where he is poised and smart enough to finish efficiently, kid has a great scoring touch.  Fires the puck well in tight with a quick release and an accurate shot, he can pick his spot down low and roof it over the goalie’s shoulders. A thick lower body and plays heavy on his feet, Brown never gets knocked around and absorbs contact. Willing to go to the dirty areas. Skating could wildly improve as he’s not very fast or agile, he’s got one gear to his game. Fall out of our first round just because we question how he will be able to adjust his pace when the game gets fast. From the hash marks back he is not much of a scoring threat either. Does not have that killer instinct with the puck. Does compete defensively but he’s slow to get back and does not have that same presence that he does in the offensive zone. Possibly a first round pick and has the potential to be a captain in the league someday.