Player Profile: Connor Bedard

NAME: Connor Bedard

TEAM: West Vancouver Warriors Midget Prep (CSSHL)

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’8/165lbs


HAND: Right




  • Exceptional Finishing Abilities
  • Control in Tight Spaces
  • Dynamic Hands
  • Offensive Awareness
  • Agility + Acceleration


  • Motor without Possession
  • Defensive Coverage/Assignments

REPORT: Connor Bedard is the talk of the hockey world right now. He was recently given the first highly coveted exceptional status to play in the WHL as a 15 year old next season. Bedard with the CSSHL Bantam Prep MVP last season, the CSSHL Midget Prep MVP this season and he will be the number one pick in the draft. Connor Bedard is an elite thinking dual threat forward. A world class skater who can accelerate quickly with his first few steps and maintain that speed throughout his time in the offensive zone, he has that rare ability to pick up speed with his crossovers, only Molendyk and Bedard had that ability in this draft. Bedard’s goal scoring abilities are refine, he has got a very dangerous shot and a lightning like release. The puck comes off his stick quickly and he never has any problems picking his spot on goalies. Elite level hands, Bedard combines his quick puck skills and creativity to effortlessly handle the puck around defenders, he’s got an elite processor that allows him to know where everyone is on the ice, makes the right plays with the puck, and execute quickly on those plays. Bedard possesses a sneaky dangerous back hand, can elevating it in tight over goalies shoulders and is confident in using it when he is in those situations. Does not need time and speed to let go his shot, he creates time and space with his hand or will adjust his weight and balance point to work around the lack of space given. Bedard takes over the game – even when playing against players above his age. When the puck touches his stick he is in control of the game and he always makes something special happen with it. His defensively play is still inmature and he can disengage from the play without the puck but a lot of those deficiencies away from the puck will be fixed when gets older and as he matures. Bedard is the perfect player to represent the first WHL exceptional status as he’s a high character kid who can generate a lot of offense, more of a forward skater than a defensive player and he’s somebody that will put fans in seats. Bedard’s skill and skating abilities reminds us of Matt Barzal – however Connor Bedard is the goal scoring style of Matt Barzal in our eyes.


(Photo by Garrett James/CSSHL)