Player Profile: Dawson Seitz

NAME: Dawson Seitz


HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’1/160lbs


HAND: Right




Dawson Seitz is the most difficult player to predict in the draft by our accounts. Seitz suffered two serious injuries this past season and only suited up in 14 games including playoffs late in the season. It is unfortunate that there is no AB Cup because Seitz would have been one of the main focuses for scouts. Dawson Seitz is a strong two-way center with separation speed, quick hands, a responsible puck supporting defensive zone game, and an intuitive offensive attacking strategy. In the viewing we got of Seitz he was quite clearly the engine that drove that team, without him they were weak. Seitz always has his head up and he takes in information better than others in this draft, his reaction timing was not this quickest in the game but when he had the opportunity to shoot you could see the exactness and velocity behind his shot, he could pick his spot. Plays a 200ft game and thinks the game well in his defensive end to anticipate where he needs to be, cuts off the chances before they can be delivered. There is something there with Seitz that could possibly make him a first round pick, whoever selects the kid needs to be very comfortable with him injuries and assure his upside.