Player Profile: Deagan McMillan

NAME: Deagan McMillan

TEAM: Delta Green(CSSHL)

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’1/176lbs


HAND: Right




  • Offensive Positioning
  • Offensive Awareness
  • Net Front Presence
  • Small Area Passing
  • Gritty Finishing


  • Blue Line Back Presence
  • Skating Abilities
  • Boards to Boards Vision

Deagan McMillan is a skilled new aged power forward with a lanky rangy physique and robust offensive abilities. Skating wise McMillan is average, he gets around the ice alright, with long legs he can kind of look uncoordinated at times but he has never been taken off balanced or struggled to keep up with the play. McMillan plays a gritty offensive positional game in which he battles for every inch given to him, he’s very aware of everything transpiring around him, and he knows where he needs to be in order to have success. Able to adjust his net front positioning depending on the scenario and his ability to locate pucks and then tip or catch/shoot them is impressive, he’s got a quick fluid release along with a finishing touch. Has some chippiness in corners, guys will go to battle with him but McMillan always comes out of the corner on his feet and never backs down from a physical challenge – a very tenacious puck battler who wins more puck battles than he loses. Began to learn how to use his size and reach to protect the puck, using it not only to get the puck lower in the zone but also to create a shooting space for himself. Not a bad player in his defensive end either, he’s a winger but he knows how to take care of that defensive assignment by staying between his man and the puck carrier and by using his stick at anything in the vicinity. Lots of cerebral offensive qualities without the puck which makes him such an effective complimentary scorer, he had 51 points this past season. Overall whoever selected McMillan is getting a kid who knows where he needs to be in order to score and he’s not going to be a fun player to play against, a bit of a Matthew Tkachuk type of player who will go at guys 10x harder than they go at him. Similar to Brown we have him just shy of the first due to question marks about his pace but we could very well see him selected in the top 30.


(Photo by Garrett James/CSSHL)