Player Profile: Grayden Slipec

NAME: Grayden Slipec

TEAM: West Vancouver Warriors (CSSHL)

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’9/155lbs


HAND: Left




Grayden Slipec was a returning player for the West Vancouver Warriors, and because Bedard decided to go up and play with the Midget Prep’s, Slipec was the most touted prospect on the team and he had all the hype going in to the season. Our top ranked bantam forward on this list. Slipec’s offensive production is impressive with 73 points in 30 games, and he was awarded either top forward or MVP at nearly all of the events his team participated in. Slipec’s offensive abilities are elite, it’s what makes him a top ten prospect in this draft class. Offensively aware, Slipec is adherent to the middle of the ice and seems to always be where the puck ends up. His shooting abilities are so precise on both his forehand and his back hand, he can pick a corner from anywhere ringette line down and has had games where he scores in bunches with that kind of shooting accuracy. Slipec’s has poise with the puck, he’s a deceiving player whose offensive gifts are respected by opposing players so they often back off from him. Slipec’s skill work with and without the puck is superior and natural. He’s so unpredictable with the puck and he recognizes the lanes opening and closing around him. His ability to control the puck with any amounts of pressure and make the best offensive play with it is rare. Defensively Slipec does have some holes as he lacks the work ethic needed to be effective in his own end but when he wants to he can use that offensive awareness he has to his advantage defensively by picking off middle of the passes and quickly transitioning the puck back of up. Dangerous when the puck is on his stick. Slipec’s a cerebral player that always has his head up and makes quick decisions. His skating is not the best, he does not have that bursting speed, or strength on the puck but he is very agile and he knows how to adjust his edges in order to elude defenders coming at him. Skates like Davis Koch in a way. Overall Slipec is going to be a high goal scorer in the WHL, he may not have the high compete level or defensive play but it has been say you need to be able to score now in order to score in the WHL, well not a lot of players can score like he does right now. Could be a 50 goal 100-point guy at the WHL level someday.