Player Profile: Kaden Hammell

NAME: Kaden Hammell

TEAM: West Van Warriors (CSSHL)

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’0/165lbs


HAND: Right




Kaden Hammell is a very talented two-way defenseman, he produced 41 points this past season. Hammell steady on the back end but he also loves to lead the rush, and loves the opportunity to put the puck the back of the net. Built with a hulky physique, Hammell looks much older than other players on the ice, he’s physically dominant at this level and he an absolute specimen. A force in puck battles who will assert himself and knock guys off the puck. Uses a strong stick through the middle of the ice to cut off the other half of the ice, allowing him to defend odd many rushes with ease. Hammell has good hand eye coordination to knock down any elevated passes or weak passes around the net. Not a bad skater he covers ice well, a bit top heavy but he’s got good control of is edge’s and he’s fairly mobile. Sets the example on the ice and facilitates the play offensive and defensively with communication. Controls the gap well and can keep guys to the outside. Never seems fazed always composed. He has those same physical qualities that David Quenneville had and that same compete level however Hammell is slightly bigger and has a much better puck transporting game. Hammell has silky hands and a heavy shot. Likes to lob the puck out of his own end into the neutral zone. Falls for us just because we do not know how he may project, not exactly the smartest defenseman and at times he seems to disengage.