Player Profile: Kooper Gizowski

NAME: Kooper Gizowski


HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’9/165lbs


HAND: Left


SKATING: 3.5 SKILL: 4.75 SHOT: 4.75 SMARTS: 4 PHYSICAL: 3.75


Last season Kooper Gizowski was noticeably one of the best 2005 players in the province of Alberta, and he still is up there, however the projected top ten pick is more likely now to fall outside the top 15. Kooper Gizowski is a dynamic one-dimensional offensive threat who can absolutely fire the puck off his stick and has the capability to score from anywhere. Highly skilled with a creative mindset, Gizowski likes to create his own chances with a run-n-gun mentality and with the strategy of dangling every player in sight that gets in his way. Gizowski’s shooting abilities are elite, when he has the puck in the offensive zone you have that feeling that he could score at any second as the puck comes off his stick quickly and he can pick his spot on the top half of the net. Strong on his feet and difficult to know off of the puck. Gizowski does not have any issues physical or intelligently, he thinks the game very well and in fact he’s able to get the puck into high percentage scoring areas for himself often and has no issues processing the game. At his best when he plays his game. When he is confident and when he is playing with feistiness and getting under other team’s skin, being vocal after whistles, feeling like he has to prove to opposing players how good of a player he is. However, Gizowski is not an asset defensively and he can be the last man back to his own zone at times, Gizowski’s skating is also not great, he is going to have to improve his technical skating and get leaner in his lower body to be that dynamic player at the WHL level. Needs to learn that he does not need to go bar down every time he shoots. Potential to be a Mitch Holmberg style of player in the WHL, a high offensive producer who can be a liability at times defensively.


(Photo by Garrett James/CSSHL)