Player Profile: Lukas Dragicevic

NAME: Lukas Dragicevic

TEAM: Delta Green (CSSHL)

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’0/163lbs


HAND: Right


SKATING: 3.25 SKILL: 4.5 SHOT: 4.5 SMARTS: 4.75 PHYSICAL: 4.5


  • Offensive Instincts
  • First Pass and Poise
  • Elite Shot and Vision
  • Powerplay Quarterback
  • Gritty Defensive Game


  • Footspeed
  • Defensive Zone Coverage
  • Gap Control
  • Defence Experience

REPORT: Lukas Dragicevic is a bantam prospect that has been well known for a while now. Last season he played forward for Delta Green, coming into his first bantam with loads of hype and he lived up to it by playing a physical scoring brand of hockey, an old school style of offensive game that scouts loved. So you could see why scouts were surprised to see Lukas Dragicevic suit up on the back end to start this year, a fascinating switch for the kid. Even got the shot blockers on the skates just so you know it’s official. Lukas is the son of former WHL defenseman Milan Dragicevic who stockpiled penalty minutes in the WHL but had some production as well. Now back to Lukas, he put up slightly fewer penalty minutes than his father with only 32 this season. Instead, he focused on the offensive side of the game where he had an impressive 52 regular season points and an additional five points in four games at the Elite 15 level. Lukas Dragicevic is a stay at home two-way defenseman that is offensively focused and who facilitates the offense from the second last line of defense. Dragicevic’s biggest strength is his hockey sense, and he may have been the smartest defenseman in this draft, certainly had the best offensive instincts, as he could see the ice from the back end like I do not think we as a service have seen yet at this level. He knows where everyone is on the ice, including the officials. Dragicevic uses all of that data to his advantage, and then you see the chippy edge to his game. He likes to mix it up behind the play from time to time. A natural power play quarterback, Dragicevic’s vision of the offensive zone was highlighted by the fact that he would navigate the to the middle of the ice and allowed the puck to do the work for him. Always a step ahead, if he’s making a pass to the half wall, he expects it back for a one-timer. Dragicevic’s poise and decision making with the puck is so polished, especially offensively. He’s got that intelligence to his game where he just naturally knows and collects the game that he can always seem to make the best play with the puck. In terms of physical tools, Dragicevic is big and strong. He loves to play that mean game so he will land big checks on guys to assert himself as the alpha on the ice. He wants everyone to know is in charge. His skating is okay; however, he’s a bit too straight up to gain much power behind his shots, and he is not a very good backwards skater so he will back off the blue line quickly and leave a loose gap to counteract that deficiency. Very strong on the puck to escape corners with the puck. Defensively he can be a bit of a mess at times, and the position is still raw to him so he will look to block shots and use his frame to keep guys outside when he can, use his stick to guide pucks away from the middle. He has a lot of cockiness to his game as well; he will be vocal with opposing players and make sure they know who he is. A very good first pass maker with one of the crispest first passes you will find, and his shot is even harder as Dragicevic is a threat from the point with his shot. Needs to improve his skating and get used to the defensive game. Whoever gets Dragicevic is getting a cornerstone defenseman who is not going to be fun to play against.


(Photo by Garrett James/CSSHL)