Player Profile: Ty Halaburda

NAME: Ty Halaburda

TEAM: Pacific Coast Sea Devils

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’10/145lbs


HAND: Right


SKATING: 4.5  SKILL: 4.5 SHOT: 3.75 SMARTS: 4 PHYSICAL: 4.25


Halaburda was a returning player to a bit of middle of the pack academy. He started the year playing in the second division tournament, playing in games that were not lined with scouts like a Yale vs Delta Green would be. However, Ty Halaburda took some significant steps this year towards his development, making himself a more well-rounded forward and his mid-season play along helped present more scouts at the games to watch the Pacific Coast Sea Devil. His production as impressive, especially for playing on a team that likely only has one more forward selected in the draft, Halaburda had 27 goals, 26 assists, and 53 points. Halaburda is a speedy dual-threat winger that is dynamic offensively but is also capable of being a dependable source for positive play in his defensive zone. Halaburda’s main attributes are his speed and quickness. His footwork is superior to others in the draft, and he exploits that by either burning defenders wide or by getting defenders to commit to his initial lane of attack before switching up his lane choice and attacking the middle. One of our favorite parts or Halaburda’s game is his poise; he never loses his composed and doesn’t have any bad habits under pressure. He loves to take the puck right up to the net, locate a pass or a hole in the goalies positioning and either put in for himself or make an in tight pass that the goalie is late to react to, he does this so successfully because of his speed and control that allows him to get behind defenseman easily. Very defensively aware as well, a player who knows defense wins’ championships, he back checks with the same effort and intent as when he possesses the puck. Not a soft kid either, gritty and he’s willing to have an in game one on one battle with guys but never seems to get off his offensive game. He does not shy away from a battle or a hit. He has that extra gear. Transitional game is a worry as he can take those long wide turns and can be slow to get up or back in the play. Kids got a great motor, however, and even with the up-tempo game he plays, he can adjust his gears to play at all speeds. Overall, a team is getting a lead by example style of player who can create chances around the net. He has lots of speed and a lot of extended possessions thanks to his patience with the puck.


(Photo by Garrett James/CSSHL)