Prospect Profile: Josh Van Mulligen

NAME: Josh Van Mulligen

TEAM: Medicine Hat Tigers (AMBHL)

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’0/169lbs


HAND: Left




With Dawson Seitz missing much of the season due to injuries it was up to returning defenseman Josh Van Mulligen to set the example for his team mates. Van Mulligen posted 27 points this past season, second amongst defenseman in the AMBHL. Van Mulligen is a two-way defenseman that plays with a level of calmness and poise that is rare for players at his age. He’s look comfortable with the puck, without the puck, under pressure, without pressure, offensively, defensively, nothing phases him. Van Mulligen is a superb defensive player who can contain the rush at an elite level where he uses his size and range to cut off the ice, hold the guy in front of him, and basically lets the guy know that the pucks not going to be on his twig for long. Super steady on the back end, rarely afford any mistakes that costs his team goals. A capable contributor offensively obviously with his 27 points, Van Mulligen transitioned from a defensive first stay at home guy to a confidence puck transitioner who had the presence of mind to make passes while going up the ice. See’s the ice so well and he’s so fluid that the game looks effortless, just has that natural good feel for the game. Against top players he shuts them down by activating his stick like Galdolf and refusing to allow anybody to pass. Physical in corners and along the wall.  Nasty in front of his own net, developed a bit of meanness to him that past season. Pivoting could improve for Van Mulligen as he can get beat to the net at times, and he can be prone to loosing focus in the game it seems. Van Mulligen has all the tools and confidence to be a potential top pairing defenseman someday in the WHL.