Player Profile: Graysen Burzynski

NAME: Grayson Burzynski

TEAM: Winnipeg Monarchs (MBAAA)

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’2/202lbs


HAND: Left


SKATING: 3.25 SKILL: 3.25 SHOT: 3.75 SMARTS: 3.5 PHYSICAL: 4.25


A big mobile defenseman who posted 58 points this season from the back end, Grayson Burzynski has a huge frame and is a solid defender when playing within his limitations. He reminds our scouting crew physically of last year’s captain Jason Ruff (1st Round MJHL pick) but doesn’t wear a letter. He does have better offensive instincts and better skating ability than Ruff. Solid one on one defenseman with head up, stick on puck and plays the body. He uses his big frame well in puck protection and to elude fore checkers upon retrieval. Showed more offensive flair in the second half and has steadily risen on our charts as the season has progressed. He’s one of that big raw defenseman who still needs to learn how to manage his time and space better. There’s not a lot of commitment to his defensive retrievals, but he can use his smooth edges to afford himself room, as he continues to mature as a player he will likely learn how to time his first pass better, but it needs to be done sooner rather than later. Could be a very good pick if he can improve his coordination and stiffness.