RHA Nationals vs Southwest Cougars – October 3/20

RHA Nationals vs. Southwest Cougars  

WU15AAA/CSSHL Exhibition

October 3/20




#8    Merrik Arpin (Defense): Arpin is a very good skater, uses his edges extremely well.  He can play a shut down role, but can also carry the puck out of trouble and typically makes the right decision.

#9    Alex Thompson (Defense): Thompson showed off the skills that we got glimpses of last year.  He has high level fundamental skills. He has a very good shot and is a great skater.

#22   Gavin Hodnett (Forward): A versatile forward with ability. Hodnett has good, evasive skating and vision to pick out the open guy. A smaller player but not afraid to attack bigger by taking the puck to the net and aggressively hounding loose pucks. Create chances with very high level puck skills. et front support while on PK. Excellent ability to finish. I thought of Hodnett more as a goal scorer last year but his vision and ability to create chances for his line mates were on display today.

#27   Jordan Murray (Defense): Murray is a nice skater and shows some good skills but sometimes tries to do too much himself instead of head manning the puck.  He’s a good defensemen who will rapidly develop as his decision making gets better.

#71   Cole Cairns (Forward): A balanced two-way centre. Displayed defensive zone good communication, talking to the D when they are going back for retrievals. Supports the puck very well.  Always has his head up when he’s in possession of the puck. Cairns is a Ryan O’Reilly type for me, does everything well. His stat line didn’t match his skill level last season, so hopefully he can put up offensive numbers this year.  He’s a good skater too, nice wide base and a powerful stride.

#77   Jackson Kostiuk (Forward): Kostiuk was creating offensive chances.  Presence improved as the game went on.  A pass first player who should look to shoot from farther distances or pass earlier off the rush. Excellent vision and understand.

#24   Nathan Glavina (Defense): Glavina was probably my first star of this game.  He aggressively activates from the blue line without hesitation. Good ability with the puck and impressive offensive instincts. He continued to excel throughout the game, anticipating the play and reacting quickly.

#17   Bronson Ross (Forward): Ross impressed a lot today with the scoring chances he was creating.  Could have scored 3 different times on his opening shift.  Hit two pipes in the first period alone. Focuses his play outside the dots, would like to see him penetrate the middle when afforded the opportunity. Mobile for his massive stature.

#12  Elliot Perrault (Forward): Elliot showed some elusiveness down low when in possession of the puck on a couple of different occasions. He could have moved the puck more quickly through the neutral zone a couple of times but that is a minor concern.  He does small things well, gets in shooting lanes,  has a good active stick on the PK.  Scored a beautiful goal late in the game.

#4    Rhett Perrin (Forward): Perrin was another player who really impressed today.  Kid has a shot and he showed that throughout the warm ups and when the opportunities arose. He was impressive with the puck, beating a defender wide and attacking the net. Can extend possession time with his shielding from defenders.

#31   Ethan Simcoe (Goalie): Simcoe showed the poise that he’s known for.  Nothing flusters him when he’s in net, he’s always relaxed.  His side to side movement is excellent.



#2    Josh Fluker (Defense): Well above average skater who shows no hesitation when jumping into the play whether in offensive transition or to hold the line.  Fluke’s physicality in his own end showed better defensively than I originally thought. Transitions seamlessly to offense. He is a strong efficient skater who makes good breakout pass. He will excel this year in the WU15AAA league.

#3    Darren Hunt (Defense):  Hunt has a big frame and skates well, makes good puck decisions and shows good defensive zone awareness.  He can rip it from the blue line and does a good job of getting pucks through to the net. Skates and moves while. Advances the puck when he should.  Showed nice, quick hands in close when carrying the puck in one on one.

#10   Luke Mackenzie (Forward):  McKenzie is an above average skater who can transport the puck as well as play physical.  He showed a similar mix today as he did last night against Brandon, he is a big body who has a nice mix of skill and sandpaper.

#11   Sebastian Stone (Forward): This was the first time I’ve seen Stone play and was impressed with his ability to create some chances.  He made smart plays with the puck, showed good compete level and a nice quick release.