RHA Nationals vs. Eastman Selects, October 10, 2020

RHA Nationals vs. Eastman Selects  

WU15AAA/CSSHL Exhibition

October 10, 2020



#8 Merrek Arpin –defense – Arpin had a solid game both offensively and defensively. He kept plays alive in the offensive zone by getting the puck deep and making quick passes. He got a lot of pucks through traffic to the net. Defensively he closed gaps well and won a fair amount of board battle. He skates very well and uses a quick first step to get to his top speed quickly. He used his skating to get him out of trouble in the defensive zone and transition the puck.

#12 Elliot Perreault – forward – Perreault had two goals by being open in the slot and driving the net for a tap in goal. He was talkative to his line mates and understood where to go in the offensive zone. He created space for himself and was physical when playing along the boards

#17 Bronson Ross –forward – Ross shots from everywhere. He gets pucks to the net. He uses his larger frame to his advantage to muscle guys off the puck to get control of it. His solid skater but seemed to use too much of his body in his skating motion. Would like him to streamline his movements to become more efficient.

#22 Gavin Hodnett – Center – Hodnett is a highly skilled, great skating two-way center. He was always talking to his line mates directing player on where to go. He was always engaged in the play with or without the puck, using his vision and IQ to create chances in the offensive zone. He back-checked hard multiple times, won board battles then carried the puck through the neutral zone with speed. He is a quick skater but understands when to speed up and slow down when entering the offensive zone. His hand-eye coordination was on display making some great tip attempts and batting the puck out of the air. He has great hands and puck skill and always had his head up. Seems to be a pass first player, and would like to see less hesitation to shot the puck. Hodnett was the best forward for RHA today and worked very hard. He took no shifts off.

#24 Nathan Glavina –defense- Glavina had a great game today. He directed players before the puck drop, and always seemed to be moving. He played both on the left and right side. His stick was active in breaking up plays. He is a great skater and has a powerful stride. His vision is high end in finding open guys in the passing lanes and gets the puck to the net very well from the blue line. He used the open ice he was given and drove into the space. He is very aware of what is going on, on the ice and kept the play in front of him. He was creative with the puck on his stick by faking passes to skate it out of the defensive zone and out. And faked out a player on the blue line to get into an open lane to the net. He was RHA best defensemen this game and took no shifts off.

#34 Landon Sitarz – Wing/Center – Sitarz is a skilled player with the puck and he is an aggressive player in the defensive zone. He always wanted the puck. He created scoring chances by getting the puck in the high danger areas and also has a great shot when he has time. When the play got physical though, it did take him out of the play and he started chasing the hits. I think it got to him and multiple times he was left way and out of the play and when things didn’t go his way he would look to the roof before getting back to the play

#71 Cole Cairns – Center – Cairns started and ended the game physical. He set the tone early and his game was consistent. He is a solid two-way center, who is highly skilled, and protected the slot in the defensive zone well. He drives the net and doesn’t stay on the perimeter very much, and uses his defensive players to create space for him self. He wins board battle by using his body to knock players of the puck.

#88 Spencer Hunnam – goalie – Hunnam started the game and played the first 30 minutes of it. He read the play well, but did look surprised when 2 slot shots beat him cleanly. He saw the play develop and was slow squaring up. His positioning is good, and knew where he was within the net. Played too deep on some plays. Was good on his skates and his had a solid push off. He faced 11 shots, allowing 2 goals. 1 top corner glove side the other low glove side.

#31 Ethan Simcoe – Goalie – Played the final 30 minutes. He was beat on the first shot he faced. He was squared up nicely and had his angle right, but the puck stayed on the ice and want short side. From then on out he was solid. He checked his posts and his movement in the crease was smooth. He has a good glove and reads the play well. He is constantly checking behind or to the side of him to see if there is a player there incase the puck heads in that direction. Simcoe faced 5 shots and got beat once.


#16 Easton Gaffray – forward – Gaffray is a high character player on the ice. He kept going to his goalie and stick tapping him and stick up for teammates. He had some good for-checks and worked hard to pressure the player with the puck. I was impressed with his overall meat and potatoes type game.

#18 Nathan Dearborn – defense- Dearborn took away lots of passing lane with his stick and moved the puck quickly to the next player with hard crisp passes. He stood his ground in front of his net and made players earn their keep and he was very physical with them. He was solid on his skates and moved well in the open ice.

#19 Carlos Penner –defense- Penner is a big and physical player, who hits to hurt and has a decent shot from the blue line. Would like to see him move more east west on the blue line to open up more options for him self.