Eastman Selects vs Interlake Lightning – Oct.11/20

Interlake Lightning at Eastman Selects

WU15AAA Exhibition

October 11/20


Easton Gaffray (Forward): Gaffray scored two nice goals in the first 10 minutes of the game, one with a nice tip in off of a point shot and the other with a rocket top shelf.  He plays a power forward game, can skate, shoot and hit.  Finished off his hat trick in the second period showing more willingness to go to the net.

Avery Laliberte (Defense):  Laliberte was skating really well, fluid movement both forwards and back. He showed no hesitation to jump into the rush and makes a good first pass out of his end, then would close the gap quickly as he joined the rush. Always has his head up and is patient with the puck. Good ability to hold the line in the offensive zone and then walk it with the puck.

Carlos Penner (Defense):  Penner is above average in all three zones. He wants the puck on his stick in the attacking third and manages to get pucks through to the net.  He patiently and skillfully defends in his own end, showing good communication with his teammates when defending odd man rushes.  Plays with some nastiness to his game as well, not scared to engage physically.

Jaedys Dancyt (Forward):  Dancyt shows good compete level and a decent skill set.  He has excellent vision to find the open man and had three points in the first period alone.  He will need to work on his skating as he progresses to aid with his elusiveness. The way he holds his hands away from his body and carries his stick, he’s always ready to catch a pass. He shows high iq with the way he finds open space and with his ability to find the open man.

Steele Jowett (Forward):  Jowett is a  high intensity centerman.  He doesn’t have the greatest offensive instincts, but is an energy guy who imposes his physical will in all three zones without hesitation.  Heavy hitter.


*Interlake had no name bars*