Game Report: St Albert vs Fort Saskatchewan – October 14th, 2020

Fort Saskatchewan Rangers vs St Albert Sabres

AEHL Under 15s – Exhibition

Wednesday, 14th October 2020

Jerome Iginla Arena

Fort Saskatchewan Rangers

22. Rhyd Semeniuk (Fort Saskatchewan Rangers) – It became clear early that Rhyd Semeniuk was one of the most skilled players on the ice tonight. Semeniuk led a rush where he took on a couple of St Albert defenceman before being stopped by the last man. He had a couple of chance like this throughout the game and had two good chances to score. The first came when his teammate found him in the slot but was denied by the Sabres goaltender. The second came from an opportunity he created himself but resulted in the puck hitting the side of the net. Semeniuk can really drive a line; I think he needs to build up some chemistry with his linemates until we see his full potential.

7. Ismail Abougouche (Fort Saskatchewan Rangers) – Abougouche is an interesting player to watch. He uses his 6’1, 165 lb frame very effectively separating man from puck fairly often. He’s a puck-moving defenceman who loves to get down the ice and make plays happen. However, that trait is also one of his weakness as he can occasionally get caught down the ice and out of position. Fort Saskatchewan doesn’t have a strong defence, so when does get too far down the ice, he exposes his d-partner. Abougouche is an elite skater and has a calmness to him when he’s in his end with the puck.

9. Brendan McFatridge (Fort Saskatchewan Rangers) – McFatridge is a second year 5’10 first line winger for the Rangers. His skating stood out for me the most. He has a wide base and moves down the ice with good speed. McFatridge gets into those dirty areas often battling around the borders or parks himself in front looking for that tip-in goal. He actually managed to get his blade on the end of one point shot which tied the game up in the first period. He was playing alongside Semeniuk last night, and I think once they build a little chemistry, they could be a dangerous pairing.

St Albert Sabres

11. Jacob Goudreau (St Albert Sabres) –  It took the second year a while to ease into the game but once he did his presence was known. Goudreau is a powerful player with both his strength and offensively. Once he had possession, it was tough for any Fort Sask player to knock him off it which typically result in Goudreau creating an opportunity; which he had plenty of. One downfall I found in his game was his tunnel vision. There were a few times throughout the game were Goudreau would opt to hold onto the puck and go on a solo mission rather than distributing the puck. Overall, Goudreau was the most dominant player on the ice tonight. It was rather shocking to see him finish with only one goal. He’s going to be an exciting player to watch develop.

7. Bradley Gallo (St Albert Sabres) – Gallo made the switch over from the PAC Saints to join St Albert for his final season of bantam hockey. He spent the majority of the night centring, Jacob Goudreau. Gallo played with an attitude all night. He looked for contact at an opportunity and finished his checks with purpose. He’s not the biggest player on the ice, but his attitude would tell you otherwise. Gallo finished the game with two assists and had one big chance on a breakaway but couldn’t beat the netminder.

12. Teo Pisani (St Albert Sabres) – Pisani was active throughout the game. The puck found him a lot when he was out there which allowed him to score two goals from the slot. He was responsible with the puck and showed good fundamentals with his skating—a player to watch out for throughout the season.

16. Connor Schmidt (St Albert Sabres) – Connor Schmidt is a fun player to watch. He skates with ease and is difficult to knock off the puck once he gets moving. He loves to carry the puck and did so on many occasions causing problems for the Rangers defenceman. It’s crazy to see that he’s only an 07.