Eastman Selects vs Winnipeg Sharks October 16, 2020

Eastman Selects vs. Winnipeg Sharks

WU15AAA Regular Season

October 16, 2020


Eastman Selects

#9 Avery Laliberte – Defense

 Strengthens – Above average straight line speed and good on his edges; good hand-eye coordination; physical, but needs to work on his lower body strength; active offensively

Improvements: Keeping his head up; 1v1 puck skills/battle;

Laliberte had a solid game, where he was active offensively, jumping into the play with regularity using his speed generated through his quick stride. He had some good rushes up the ice, but he has got to keep his head up as he entered the zone with his head watching the puck. He needs to clean up where the puck is located as it was often too close to his body so he would lose control of it and start looking down. He had space and was using it but his head was down not scanning the slot or for the forward to create a scoring opportunity. He did break up a few blue line exits using his stick and body position to slow down the on coming player and plays very well on his weak side. He also gave out some big hits, and used his body to separate players from the puck and competed hard in the defensive zone.

#10 Calum Normandeau – Wing

Strengthens – Good size and moves well; back checks wells but takes the puck carrier not the passer;

Improvements: Quick step and lighter feet; using created open ice and knowing where the puck is going next;

Normandeau a good game, and was in the right areas of the ice for the most part. He competed well, back checked and for checked hard. For a bigger guy he moves well, would like to see a separation speed developed. When back checking, he went to the puck carrier instead of the player waiting for the pass. He has an active stick and forced the puck carrier to move the puck sooner than he would of liked, he has good range with his longer stick, and forces the puck to the wall where he competes 1v1 to collect the puck. He also has a good shot for the dots and was active in crashing the net looking for loose pucks.

#11 Jaedys Dancyt – Center/Wing

Strengthens – Straight line speed; quick first step; good puck carrier along the boards; finds guys open in the slot; body position defensively

Improvements: Deception; compete 5v5 defensively; drive the net with the puck to create scoring chances\

Dancyt was used in all situations today, playing the wing on the PK, center on the PP and 5v5. He carried the puck in regularly and can beat guys wide, using his body to protect the puck. I would like to see him add some speed changes to draw more defenders to him, so when he passes the puck away the other player has more space and time. And attempt to go to the net with the puck, he played on the perimeter and could of driven the net. He is very good at getting the puck to open guys with a hard quick accurate pass. He competed hard on the PK and was aggressive in skating towards the man with the puck and used good body position to force the puck outside.

#16 Easton Gaffray –Wing/Center

Strengthens – Character; compete in all 3 zones; straight line speed; hard shot

Improvements – stays to high in the o-zone; faster first step; need to see more skill

Gaffray was relied upon as the team’s center on the PK, and won many faceoff’s in the defensive zone. He was aggressive in taking up space and time while defending and was aware about his positioning on the ice. He played wing mostly 5v5, played as the third guy high but was always first guy back in the defensive zone. He played a bit to high and would like to see him drive the net and force defenders to defend him creating more 2v1 in the slot opening the blue line up. He is a good skater and has good edge work. If that quick first step comes he will get to his top speed faster and will be able to separate away from players. He also changes speed as deception but would like to see more individual puck skill in tight spaces.

#19 (4) Carlos Penner – Defense

Strengthens – Physical; great skater, good edges and quick long stride; accurate passer; aggressive in all 3 zones; great point shot; good gap control and board puck retrieval; competes every shift

Improvements: Creating 2v1 in the ozone; aware of where his stick is so not to cause penalties; not to fully take himself out of plays when hitting;

Penner is an effective, physical and aggressive 3-zone defender. He has solid positioning in the defensive zone, good gap control, physical in front of his net and will hit hard if given the opportunity. Penner is a great skater, good on his edges and has a powerful stride gives him separation speed when he jumps in and leads a rush. He is comfortable staking backwards and can change direction quickly. He looks more comfortable on his strong side. On his weak side the puck seemed to be a bit farther ahead, which got deflected. He is aggressive and will take chances to help win 2v1 battles but also rushes back to defend if the play is lost. A little more communication in the offensive zone is needed when he jumps into the play to make sure his blue line spot is covered. As the season goes I would like to see Penner start to take over games. I saw glimpses of that ability, would like to see that progress as the season goes on.


Winnipeg Sharks 

 #35 Jacob Armstrong – Goalie

Strengths – positional sound; tracks the puck well; aggressive; good side to side push; checks where players are

Improvement – stays in the paint; glove side; rebound control;

Armstrong let in 1 goal in the first 5 mins, going low glove side from the point and he had a clear view of the shot. From then on he was poised, engaged and tracked the puck well. Finishing the night saving 32 of 33 shots he faced. He pushed players out of his way to track the play. While the play was in his corner he would check to see if anyone was in the slot. He covered and checks his posts. I would like to see him challenge shooters and come out of the crease. He stayed in the paint and left was almost beat far side, it would’ve been avoid if he challenged the shooter. He also needs to learn how to direct his rebounds. Most of them came out front. So that needs to be cleaned up. But a solid start to the season for Armstrong.

#4 Bryan Gair – Forward

Strengths – great offensive instincts; great puck skills; quick release shot that is accurate; great skater with good edges and quick first step; competes in the neutral and offensive zones but needs to work harder in the defensive zone to gain control of the puck

Improvements – defensive zone awareness;

Gair has really high end puck skills and shooting ability that came through today as he and Giasson were two players who really controlled the play in the offensive zone through out the night. I really liked how he used the perimeter and made pace for himself but using his feet and puck handling ability to fake out defenders and get the puck in to high danger areas. His release on his shot is high end as he pick off the far top corner for the 4th goal while just above the goal line. I would like him to be more aggressive in the defensive zone like his is in the offensive zone. If he can add the back checking element and force mistakes to gain control of the puck in the defensive zone, he would really bring his game to the next level. It was a great first game for him as he is one of the higher end Manitoba offensive players in the league

#10 Chris Hermann – Defense

Strengths – good stick play; defensive everything to the outside; offense everything to the middle; made the simple play; plays with his head up

Improvements – push pace of play; aggressive decisions; when the game sped up, he didn’t

Hermann’s game is simple and effective. He keeps everything to the outside in the defensive zone using good stick play and body positioning to angle the puck to a place where he can get it. He advances the puck and lets the faster forwards transition for him. He is good 1v1 defending and along the boards using his body and heads up plays to get the puck out of danger. He doesn’t skate too much with the puck, I would like him to use the open areas given and draw a player near him to make a play. There isn’t much creativity or high-end ability to his game, he is just solid and plays the game right. But he is going to have to start pushing the pace and dictating play, his game isn’t played quick.

#12 Cody Allan – Defense

Strengths – drives play; aggressive; good skater but needs to speed up the pace

Improvement – overloaded shot; needs think and move body quicker;

Allan had a good game but elements of his game need to be quicker. He took too long to get his shot off from the point; I would like him to get the puck then a quick snap release. He is an effective neutral zone transition player and find the open ice well and uses it. He is a solid skater and uses a couple of crossovers to get moving quickly. He was on the PK unit and was aggressive at breaking up passing lanes using an active stick and then moving the puck out of the zone. As the year goes on see him quicken his shot and passing and continue to speed up his skating he will become an excellent two-way defender for the Sharks.

#16 Nic Giasson – Forward

Strengths – Board play and winning puck battles; offensive creativity; great skater with solid edges and quick long stride; great shot and gets open; creative

Improvements – bring it every shift; without the puck he floated; be more aggressive in chasing the play

Giasson had a good game where when he was “on” during a shift he was the best player on the ice and controlled the pace of play. Using his puck skills to create pace and time while he either looked to get the puck in the high danger area or he would just drive the net himself to create scoring oppertunities and chaos at the net. When he was “on” he floated around waiting for the puck to come to him, would like to see a bit more engagement. Giasson is a solid all around skater who has great, quick feet and solid edge work.