Prince Albert vs Humboldt – October 17th, 2020

October 17th, 2020
Prince Albert Pirates vs Humboldt Broncos


Prince Albert:

PA #19 Ashton Tait-Tait was dominant all game and in every zone. Used his high end skating ability to fly through the neutral zone and attach the blue line with pace. Was effective in both skating wide past defenders or used quick hands to dodge stick checks and go inside. Had numerous goals with a hard shot that he got off with a quick release every time. Set up his teammates for high danger chances numerous times also. Back checked hard all game long and took care of his of end. Had a couple big hits and wasn’t shy from the physical side.

PA #18 Owen Nelson-Nelson was also a dominant player all game and didn’t take a shift off. Used his size effectively to create space and to shield the puck from defenders. Had good chemistry with Tait and they fed off each other well. Used his hard shot to create numerous scoring chances and a couple goals. Played an imposing game and wasn’t afraid of being around the net. Did a good job of switching pace and finding the soft spots in the zones to go along with his aggressive play.

PA #33 Jayden Kraus-Kraus didn’t face a ton of rubber in his half of the game but when he did made it look easy. Very good positioning in the crease and cut angles down well. Quick reflexes and directed rebounds away from danger. Was aggressive getting out of the crease to retrieve dump ins and helping his dmen out.

PA #12 Eric Ward-Ward played an effective power game using his size well. Did a good job reading plays and creating chaos. Shot was dangerous from all over the offensive zone giving the opposing goalies issues. Had the other teams dmen getting rid of the puck faster than they’d like with an aggressive fore check.

PA #7 Dayne Henry-Henry did a good job shutting down attacking forwards with good gaps and a active stick. Had some good hits also separating the puck and getting it moving up ice quickly. Played a more simple but effective game taking care of his end first.


Humboldt Broncos:

Humboldt #14 Evhan Allan – Allan was the only Humboldt player who somewhat consistently generated chances as PA outclassed them. Used his skating+size combo to drive wide and attack the net. Made some great passes and did a good job keeping possession. Imposed himself also with some big checks and wasn’t shy of making himself known. When he had an opportunity used his shot to give PA’s goalies a challenge. Flashed some good hands.

Humboldt #30 Brady Holtvogt – Holtvogt faced a lot of rubber but managed the high volume of chances well. Odd time lost positioning but overall did a good job cutting down angles. Had quick reactions and did a good job mostly controlling rebounds.