Eastman Selects vs Winnipeg Sharks – Winnipeg U15 AAA League

Eastman Selects vs Winnipeg Sharks @ Landmark, Mb

Hockey Winnipeg U15 AAA League

October 16, 2020

Eastman Selects: (1)

#4 Carlos Penner (Defense): Good size, heads up player who uses his partner and teammates well. He opened the scoring of the game with a hard slap shot which found the top corner around traffic after he walked the line to find the open lane. Even when his team was down he showed good net front battles and was actively pinching down the wall to hold pucks in. Not afraid to give and take hits and had a nice reverse hit. This is the second viewing of this player and he has a nice well rounded game on both sides of the puck and does a lot of things well. He is poised to have a good season for his team. Working on being the stabilizing force for his team and leader as they advance into the season.

 #9 Avery Laliberte (Defense): Was abit quieter in the first half of game compared to last time I viewed this player. Maybe due to the increase in competition vs the sharks. He was way more active in the third when team was down. Lots of offensive awareness jumps into play quick. He had a couple nice wall pinches to keep puck going in offensive zone. Was PP QB and had some solid pk work also. Hopefully he can keep his compete level up all season.

#16 Easton Gaffray (Forward): Has a high work rate. He is a defense first 200 ft kind of player that I like. Lots to like he had six knock down hits and four blocked shots. He was unreal on the pk (good position active stick) with Dancyt which was important as Eastman had lots of penalties. Has a hard shot and is a good skater who looks like he can play many rolls for his team. He has offensive upside and will have to find away to be both for Eastman who might not have a lot of scoring.

#10 Calum Normendeau (Forward): He was a good forward for Eastman on this night. Has size and used it along with work ethic to pressure the puck all around the ice. He was good on fore checks and back checks. Was a good net front presence, had a nice tip and made plays below goal line, picking up an assist on Eastman lone goal. He moves ok for a big guy especially in straight line can work on quick starts and edges.

#11 Jaedys Dancyt (Forward): Like Gaffray this 200 ft player jumps out at you for physical presence. He finish his checks always and showed commitment to back pressuring the puck carrier. He and Gaffray made an unreal tandem on the PK. Average skater but his work ethic and good positioning made up for that most of the night. Hopefully finds some offense finish as I feel he has the skill set to do both. 

Winnipeg Sharks: (5)

#4 Brycen Gair (Forward): An above average skater who is offensively driven, with nice puck skills. He uses edges and hands to be able to find open ice and create chances for himself and his line mates. He has a good release and quick decently hard shot. He played the wall on the pp and showed good vision and net drive from that spot. Scored on a nice give and go on pp. He has good position around the ice but I would like to see him add a defensive awareness this game so he can become a well-rounded player for his team.

#12 Cody Allen (Defense): Average skating and edges. But had a few nice offensive rushes up the ice. Showed a physical presence for his team on back end.  He made a few nice plays down low on the pp. He was good on the pk and 5on5 with active stick and always good on defensive side of puck. He can improve on his skating and decision making to improve quickly this year.

#3 Michael Sullivan (Defense): Hard nose player, large in stature and who showed a solid stay home style of defense. If he can work on his skating he can likely add more offensive side to his game as he had one nice rush.

#16 Nick Giasson (Forward): I really like this player he complemented Gair well and was always around the puck. Wins puck battles and uses his straight line speed to his advantage both on offensive and defensive side of the puck. He doesn’t shy away from contact. He had a blocked shot. He had a nice assist on PP and a goal to help his team offensively. Would like to watch him again to see if he can bring that competitiveness level every night!

#35 Jacob Armstrong (Goalie): Let one goal in early then seemed to settle in after that. First thing you may notice is that he has good size. He is square to puck and moves well in crease especially side to side. He has a nice calmness about him that I like in a goalie. I would like to see him keep working on directing rebounds out of danger area and communication with his defense more going forward.

Game Takes: The game was closer than the score reflected. Eastman was shorthanded a lot it seemed and didn’t generate enough 5 on 5 offensive pressure. The Sharks Armstrong won the goaltending battle on this night. Lots of good hockey and would like to see these teams play any day.